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Teens Have Turned Their Awful GCSE Maths Exam Into A Hilarious Meme

People are not happy about Hannah and her sweets.

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GCSE students took their Edexcel maths exam this morning, and it seems fair to say that it was a bit of a stinker.

Using the hashtag #EdexcelMaths, they are mocking the paper on Twitter.

Me during the stem and leaf diagram question & me during every other question #EdexcelMaths

One question in particular, about Hannah and her sweets, was not exactly popular.

"Hannah has 6 yellow sweets, prove that n2-n-90=0" me: well that escalated quickly #EdexcelMaths

me when the question about hannah's sweets came up #EdexcelMaths


Hannah eats some sweets. Calculate the circumference of Jupiter using your tracing paper and a rusty spoon. (5 marks) #EdexcelMaths

This was literally me when Hannah's stupid sweet question came up #EdexcelMaths

There was also a question about a guy called Karl, who apparently sucks at raising money for charity.

When you only raise a tenner for charity #EdexcelMaths

Karl going the extra mile with £10 for a charity #EdexcelMaths


can the grade boundaries be as low as the amount that lad raised for charity please #EdexcelMaths

There was one about a girl called Raksha and her poor timekeeping.

If Raksha wanted to get to Horton on time she should've left earlier #EdexcelMaths

One about someone called Mary, who wanted a conservatory.

At least Mary had enough money to buy tiles for her conservatory, can't say the same about my future. #EdexcelMaths

The real question is why was Marys conservatory shaped like that #EdexcelMaths


And one about someone called Jane and some cheese, which is making people pretty angry.

Why did Jane bother cutting her cheese into two different shaped cuboids if she wanted the same volume. Ffs Jane. #EdexcelMaths

I was about to make a cheese sandwich but when I got the block of cheese out I had flashbacks #EdexcelMaths

But at least they now know where to buy their plants.

Never off to hedge world again, it's a right rip off #EdexcelMaths

When HedgeWorld try to charge you £63 for 25 plants #EdexcelMaths


Just off to kirstys plants to grab myself a bargain #EdexcelMaths x

It had all started off so perfectly.

when I saw the stem&leaf diagram on the first page of #EdexcelMaths

stem & leaf question vs n2-n-90=0 #EdexcelMaths

3/100 thanks to stem and leaf👍🏻 #EdexcelMaths


Oh well. John's always around to help.

I'm going to stab myself in the eye with all of those pencils john bought for the conference #edexcelmaths

Can you solve the question about Hannah's sweets that's left teenagers across the country stumped?

Here's the question:

Hannah has 6 orange sweets and some yellow sweets.

Overall, she has n sweets.

The probability of her taking 2 orange sweets is 1/3.

Prove that: n^2-n-90=0

And this is how you solve it:

#EdexcelMaths To all the idiots crying over the Hannah's sweets question, maybe y'all should have stopped panicking.

So now you know.

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