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19 Faces All Unemployed People Will Recognise

When did I last shower? Sorry, I don't understand the question.

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1. The "Drinking on a Monday Night and No One Can Stop Me" Face.

Desilu Productions / Via

2. The "Writing My Fifth Cover Letter in Five Days" Face.

Warner Bros / Via

3. The "I've Just Checked My Bank Balance" Face.

WWE / Via

4. The "Just Got Asked in for an Interview" Face.

5. The "About to Actually Go Into the Interview" Face.

Touchstone Pictures

6. The "Just Said Something Horrendously Embarrassing in the Interview" Face.

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7. The "So, What Do You Do For Work?" Face.

Capital United Nations Entertainment / Via

8. The "I've Done Nothing All Day Except Watch Netflix and Eat Crisps" Face.

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9. The "What If I Have to Move Back in With My Parents" Face.

10. The "I Haven't Showered in Four Days" Face.

11. The "Please Answer All Questions in Video Format" Face.

CBS / Via

12. The "Finally Found a Job That's Perfect for Me" Face.

Deedle Dee Productions / Via

13. The "Perfect Job Requires Five Years of Managerial Experience" Face.

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14. The "Facebook Stalking All My Highly Successful High School Friends" Face.

Granada Film / Via

15. The "Rediscovering the Joy of Daytime TV" Face.

Comedy Central / Via

16. The "Can't Stop Waking Up Even Earlier Than I Did When I Actually Had a Job" Face.

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17. The "Why Hasn't Anyone Got Back to Me Yet" Face.

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18. The "My Entire CV is Essentially a Lie" Face.

Phoenix Pictures / Via

19. The "Well at Least I'm All Caught up on Game of Thrones" Face.

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