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    14 Pictures That Sum Up Christmas If You're The Actual Worst

    Christmas is lonely when you're The Worst.

    1. Christmas is a bleak and lonely time when everybody hates you.

    2. It's hard to feel festive when everyone thinks you suck.

    3. Everyone who you thought was your friend slowly deserts you.

    4. Until you're left alone on Christmas Day.

    5. No turkey.

    6. No presents.

    7. No Christmas spirit.

    8. Just crippling loneliness and despair.

    9. Every year you think: "Maybe next year will be different."

    10. But it's never different.

    11. If anything, it just gets worse.

    12. Maybe what they all say is true.

    13. Maybe you really are The Worst.

    14. Merry Christmas πŸ˜”.

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