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21 Things You'll Remember If You Grew Up In A Crap British Town

You: "Mum, I'm bored." Your mum: "Only boring people get bored."

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1. First of all, there was literally nothing to do at the weekends – except "town". / Alex Finnis / BuzzFeed

Which meant you and a couple of friends meeting up in the town centre, hanging around in the exact same shops without buying anything for as long as you could bear it, getting a frappuccino from Starbucks and then going back home again.

2. You spent a lot of time in shops like Virgin Megastore and HMV searching through discount CDs and DVDs you'd never even heard of.

3. When you wanted to go shopping properly, you had to travel to the nearest city.

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Because you couldn't buy your entire wardrobe at Next and Dorothy Perkins.


6. There was only one nightclub worth going to, and it was still extremely awful.

We're talking sticky floors, watered-down blue fishbowls that were way too expensive for where you were, and a mixture of 17-year-old kids and strange men in their forties dancing like they'd long since vomited their dignity into a urinal.


9. And when you got a little bit older, you did exactly the same thing, except with booze.

The booze was always terrible, because of course it was. Strongbow, Vodkat, Woodpecker cider, maybe even Special Brew...


14. A lot of your school friends probably lived quite far from you, which meant your parents had to drive you everywhere.

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They would also frequently remind you that they were "not a taxi service". Yeah OK, Dad.