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    18 Pictures That Prove Bears Are Nothing More Than Vicious Beasts

    They're pure evil.

    1. Bears are nothing more than vicious beasts. Just look at this guy.

    2. They're such evil creatures. I mean, can't you tell?

    3. Firstly, they're absolutely terrifying to look at.

    4. Especially the baby ones.

    5. See. Doesn't this just frighten the pants off you?

    6. And their favourite food? Human meat, obviously.

    7. Bears are such stupid animals. This guy CLEARLY has no idea how to drive a golf cart.

    8. And look at this one. What an awful passenger.

    9. Some people believe bears can be cute. Obviously those people are wrong.

    10. Bears aren't cute at all.

    11. And they never do silly things like dogs and cats do.

    12. We love it when animals do human stuff, but bears never do that.

    13. They're such destructive animals, always breaking and ruining things.

    14. Look at this idiot. He can't even use a fucking telescope.

    15. It's obvious why this guy has no friends โ€“ it's because he's a bear, and bears are the worst.

    16. Look how GROSS this huge pile of floof is.

    17. This isn't funny or adorable. It's disgusting.

    18. Wow, bears really do suck.


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