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    23 Of April Ludgate's Most Iconic Lines On "Parks And Recreation"

    "I didn't win... But at least I didn't make any new friendships."

    1. Shouting at nature:

    2. Crushing Chris's joy:

    3. Expressing her three biggest hates in one sentence:

    4. Setting boundaries with Ben:

    5. Wowing the talent show judges:

    6. And finding the silver lining at the end:

    7. Putting down Ann:

    8. Putting down Jerry:

    9. Putting down Ann again:

    10. Putting down Jean-Ralphio:

    11. Finding her passion:

    12. Giving the best advice:

    13. Showing her lust for Andy:

    14. And expressing her love for him:

    15. Creating her alter ego:

    16. Pining for Tammy #1:

    17. Planning the Halloween party:

    18. Getting a little turned on:

    19. Speaking the truth in front of the council:

    20. Expressing her artistic side:

    21. Believing in her husband:

    22. Actually having human emotions:

    23. And just being herself: