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27 Problems All Self-Conscious People Will Understand

Is there something on my face?

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1. When someone points a camera at you, you can suddenly feel every tiny part of your face.

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2. When you’re sitting in silence with someone, you assume all they’re thinking about is how boring you are.

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Chances are, they're probably thinking the same.

3. You frequently find yourself nodding and smiling at people when you haven’t heard what they said.

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Because it’s way too awkward to ask more than once.

4. You come up with funny and interesting things to say in conversation all the time, but hold back in case it falls flat.

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5. Then silently kick yourself when someone else gets loads of laughs for saying the exact same thing minutes later.

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6. You can never tell if someone’s flirting with you or if they’re just being nice.

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This means you either have a non-existent sex life or make a lot of inappropriate comments.

7. When you arrive early to meet your friends, you have to pretend you’re texting so you don’t look like a loner.

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8. When you’re having a conversation with someone, you have no idea what to do with your hands.

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9. When you have the tiniest spot on your face, in your head you see it as a massive, ugly boil.

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10. Having to listen to a recording of your own voice is your idea of actual hell.

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11. The only thing worse is watching a video of yourself speaking.


"What am I doing with my face?"

12. You can’t go out in public without looking at least presentable because you’re afraid people will silently judge you.

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13. You sometimes worry that your friends are all meeting up behind your back.

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14. And that they’re probably having a great time bitching about all your little faults.

This probably never actually happens. Unless you totally suck.

15. When you see people walk past you in the street laughing, you immediately assume they were laughing at you.

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I mean, they could just be having a funny conversation, but they're more likely laughing at a total stranger who they realistically haven't even noticed is there.

16. You’re constantly haunted by embarrassing memories from your teenage years.

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17. You don’t like getting into arguments, not because you hate confrontation, but because you hate people not liking you.

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18. Before a date you prepare a number of conversation topics in your head because you can’t bear the idea of an awkward silence.

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19. When you get a bad haircut, you decide the only solution is to never leave the house again.

20. You put off making important phone calls for days on end because we all know it’s just too damn awkward.

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What if the energy company man laughs at your phone voice?

21. And answering a call from an unknown number? Yeah that’s never going to happen.

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22. When you’re made to give a presentation, you have no idea who to look at in the audience.

23. Actually, all you can think about is how much you’re sweating.

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Presentations are the worst.

24. When you’re clothes shopping, you’re worried everyone is judging every item you look at.

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25. You have to be extremely drunk to even entertain the idea of dancing or singing.

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And karaoke – that's not even an option.

26. You can’t maintain eye contact for more than a few seconds without feeling a deep pain in your soul.

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27. You care far more about what complete strangers think of you than friends you’ve known forever.

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You know it makes no sense, but at least it means you have good friends who make you feel comfortable. Ish.