17 Things That Happen When You Grow A Beard

Uh, excuse me, my eyes are up here.

1. Your face becomes your ID.

WWE / Via thesavory.com

Beer tastes better when your friends have to prove they’re allowed it.

2. People start buying you beard-related gifts.

New Line Cinema / Via mrwgifs.com

Because conditioner suddenly becomes a fun present when it’s for your face…

3. You never need to think of another awkward icebreaker.

From now on, people come to you.

4. People will want to touch your face.

And you will let them, because you’ve never known attention like this before.

5. You battle the dreaded “itchy phase.”

You can do it. I BELIEVE IN YOU.

6. No matter what color your hair is, it will go ginger.

And everyone will tell you about it.

7. You become more intelligent.

Miramax Films / Via pandawhale.com

Well, people will think you are, and that’s all that matters…

8. You discover your “beard idol.”

Warner Bros. / Via youtube.com

And you will make it your life’s goal for your facial hair to look even half as good.

9. You forget what your actual face looks like.

BBC / Via gifrific.com

The answer: not as good as it does now.

10. You develop a strong affinity with nature.

Disney / Via Adam Ellis / BuzzFeed

Feel the salty breeze rush through your flowing face locks and discover true joy.

11. You realize that if you shave, you will look at least three years younger than you did before you grew your beard.

20th Century Fox / Via worgenf.tumblr.com

Yet another reason why the razor is an evil beast.

12. Smugness.

BBC / Via gifsoup.com

Smugness happens. And why shouldn’t it? You look great.

13. You get an irresistible urge to stick things in it.

Like this awesome dude, who’s done it with everything from little bow ties to flaming matches.

14. People get jealous.

Universal Pictures / Via emilianadarling.tumblr.com

They want it. You got it.

15. Need a snack? No problem.

Now you can conveniently carry your food around hands free.

16. You imagine how you might look with just the mustache.

Bad. You would look bad.

17. You become a wizard.

New Line Cinema / Via gif-central.blogspot.com

See — beards are the BEST.

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