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14 Corgis That Effortlessly Channel Harry Styles

Let's take two of the most adorable creatures in existence, put them alongside each other, and see if the planet implodes.

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1. This corgi that's shakin' what its mama gave it.

... with noticeably more enthusiasm than Mr. Styles.

2. These corgis that, like most of us, appreciate a good pinwheel.

Just not as much as Harry does.


But seriously, we'll give these two a minute alone.

3. This corgi that is the MOST adorable in this banana costume.

Okay, the SECOND MOST adorable.

4. This corgi that's beauty, grace AND Miss United States.

And definitely doesn't need any balancing tips from this one.

No, but really.

He needs to hire a personal spotter.

What is he even tripping over??

5. This corgi that thinks it's a soccer star.


The ball went that way, fella.

Playing alongside Harry Styles, Beckham 2.0.


Or maybe not.


Yep, he's definitely more the artistic type.

6. This corgi that's 100% Coachella ready.

And luckily won't be rocking out by itself!

7. This corgi that's throwing enough shade to blanket the earth in angst-ridden darkness.

But two can throw at that rate, my friend.

8. This corgi that's conquering eye safety and unaffected coolness with just one pair of shades.

Enter Harry, hipster god of the tinted lenses.

9. These corgis that, like Harry, recognize the importance of a good workout!


I'm not drooling, you are.

10. This corgi that's understandably upset about not spending the holidays with Harry.


The feeling is clearly mutual. SOMEBODY UNITE THESE TWO, PLEASE.

11. This corgi that got its red carpet fashion tips (and bow tie) from Harry.

12. This corgi that just saw Naughty Boy's tweets to Louis.


And discussed them extensively with Harry himself.

13. This corgi that's wigging the f#@k out.

And is apparently looking at the same horrifying couch as Harry.

14. And this corgi, who is as mentally exhausted as we are after trying to understand how both Harry Styles and corgis can exist on the same physical plane.


For now, we won't question it. Let's just give thanks to the generous powers that be.

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