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    People Tried Destruction Therapy To Manage Their Anger And It Got Kinda Scary

    "I went to a dark place."

    We got a few people to try Destructotherapy, an alternate form of anger management from Spain where patients channel their anger by destroying unusable objects with their weapon of choice. Let the destruction begin!

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    Let's meet these angry folks. First up, there's Zach. He has a lot of anger.

    Then there's Bri. She's the unassuming angry person we all know.

    Finally, Robin. He's not a violent person, but he's excited to destroy some shit.

    Before we begin, you should know that this type of therapy is only a short term solution and does not actually deal with the core of the anger issue. It's important to recognize where the anger is coming from.

    That being said, LET'S BREAK THIS PLACE!



    Watch out!

    Get it!

    Damn, Zach. Don't hurt 'em.


    After the entire room was destroyed and the dust settled, the participants came out of the frenzy and felt a lot better.

    The adrenaline rush was crazy!

    I think we created a monster.