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12 Iconic Hong Kong Street Food You Need To Try Before You Die

Street Food Heaven!

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5. Stinky Tofu (Chau Dau Fu)

Asian Inspirations

As the name suggested it, its stinky. But don’t let it scare you away! They are deep fried fermented bean curd. Drizzle some sweet chili sauce and bite into these crispy deliciousness.

10. Dragon beard candy (Lung So Tong)

Food Gal

They are traditional Chinese sweet. The sugar paste is stretched into hair like strands wrapped around the chewy peanut and coconut filling. The origin of the name came from the Chinese emperor back in ancient China, as the white sugar strands reminded the emperor of a dragon’s beard.

12. Vanilla Ice cream (Yuen Shou Go)

Open Rice

Not just any vanilla ice cream. Vanilla ice cream that came from this ice cream truck ‘Mobile Softee’. They can be found everywhere in Hong Kong during summer. Just follow the music and you will find your way to happiness!

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