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12 Things You'll Only Understand If You Played Soccer Growing Up

Orange slices. Nuff said.

1. The real reason you played:

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And the pizza parties, duh!

2. Waiting to hear if you got a good team color was a crucial and heart-pounding moment.

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3. It was impossible to find any clothes that didn't have grass stains.

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But it was chill as long as your favorite color was green.

4. Juggling: how to win friends and influence people.

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Seriously, everyone wanted to be friends with the best juggler.

5. And this was literally the best feeling in the world!

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"I AM INVINCIBLEEEEEE!" —9-year-old you

6. More often than not, your parents were way more into the game than you were.

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There was always THAT ONE PARENT who argued with the ref and got a red card.

7. NOTHING felt better than the sweet relief that was taking off your shin guards after a game.

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You're shins will forever be indented.

8. Your summers were filled with soccer camp, talking about soccer camp, and playing soccer in the yard to practice for soccer camp.

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Ball is lyfe.

9. If you were the goalie, you secretly loved that you could chill for a second while all the action happened on the other side of the field.

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"Please, take your time. There's no rush to come over here."

10. But as soon as the ball did come your way, you got SERIOUS.

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You probably still have nightmares about lil' soccer players charging at you.

11. No matter how dirty or tired you were, you had to line up and give your former adversaries a thousand high fives.

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"Everyone, line up!"

12. You made some of your best friends and memories on that field!

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