East Lansing Police Department Does Some Professional Sleuthing Post MSU Riot

These post are taken straight from the ELPD facebook page.

1. FOX showed this glorious shot of an MSU students sign during the big MSU vs OSU game

Apparently ELPD takes police work seriously and took to social media to catch this serious culprit.

2. MSU students may not be part of the East Lansing Police but we are part of the Grammar Police

3. Blame it on the Mayor

4. We gave solid suggestions

5. Threw some shade…

6. Blame it on the win itself!

7. And yes the reward money is $20,000 dollars according to their facebook page so you can buy many couches young Matthew

8. $20,000 dollars you say?!?!

9. We resort to myths and legends

10. Lastly someone makes the statement we have all been thinking…

11. ASMSU uses some great logic!

12. And this gem

13. And who doesn’t love a Hunger Games reference!?

16. Ok I’ll share one more…


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