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    16 Products Every Banging Party Needs

    From a karaoke machine to blacklight tape, these products will all be hits at your next party.

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    1. A mini projector because while everyone ~loves~ a good rager, movie and popcorn parties can be just as fabulous.

    2. A karaoke machine for those moments when you feel like unleashing your inner Whitney Houston and belting it.

    3. An avocado piñata so you can really work on your swing and get some free candy in the process.

    4. A spin-the-shot game that'll have all your friends holding their breath to see who the lucky winner is.

    5. A set of photo booth props perfect for spicing up your party photos.

    6. A pack of water balloons you *have* to pull out at your next summer soirée because damn, does it feel good to pelt someone in the stomach.

    7. And speaking of water...a portable, waterproof speaker — the perfect party addition so your tunes can bump from any room without interruption.

    8. A pack of confetti balloons that'll provide a happy surprise when one accidentally pops.

    9. A pack of blacklight tape because I think everyone can attest to the fact that parties in the dark can be 10x better.

    10. A hilarious banner perfect for setting the mood as an awesome wall decoration.

    11. A pack of glow sticks that'll become a great prop when you're breaking it down on the dance floor.

    12. A party game designed to call out your friends and get some serious laughs.

    13. A pack of disposable shot glasses perfect for a no-mess type of night.

    14. A pack of jello shot syringes because everyone struggles with getting jello shots out of small cups.

    15. A fringe curtain wall that'll be perfect for guests to make their grand entrance through. It'll also be super cute for Boomerangs.

    16. And finally, a wall-mount bottle opener so no one has to waste thirty minutes looking for the missing opener someone dropped under the table.

    Party on, my friends.

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