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    27 Kitchen Products That Are Actually Pretty To Look At

    Your kitchen is about to get a lot more attractive.

    1. A set of gold gadgets so you can whisk, peel, cut, open, grate, and scoop in style.

    2. A magnetic towel rack perfect for space savers (hello tiny kitchens) and those that want to display their super cute hand towels.

    3. An 11-piece (!!!) cookware set because the pans and pots you're using now definitely have some unfortunate stains you've been trying to scrape off for years.

    4. A geometric utensil crock that'll hold all your cooking tools in one convenient place so you're never scrambling for something last minute when your eggs are burning.

    5. An oven mitt and pot holder ideal for those who are constantly baking and are *done* with burning their fingers on their brownie tins. We just wanted delicious baked goods, people!!

    6. A spoon rest designed to keep your counters mess-free when you're making soup, sauce, or stews.

    7. A compact colander so easy to use, it'll actually make washing veggies fun. All you have to do is load it up with your desired produce, close it, pour water into the handle, and shake.

    8. A marble rolling pin because your hands need a break from working with all that dough for all those cookies and pies. You also never have to worry about it ~rolling~ away because of its handy resting stand.

    9. A cutlery tray that'll bring order to that one drawer that somehow always winds up a mess. Plus you'll finally be able to keep track of when you should run the dishwasher because you'll see when you're low on spoons, forks, or knives!

    10. A set of dishwasher-safe bowls with a striking shibori pattern so you can set your table with a pop of color and have easy clean up.

    11. A nesting set including mixing bowls, a colander, a sieve, and five measuring cups! Think about how much space you'll save with this set. Your cabinets will thank you.

    12. A citrus dish towel so adorable, you may actually want to start washing and drying your dirty dishes!

    13. A colored knife set so you can chop safely without the fear of cross-contamination. These come with blade guards for easy storage.

    14. A swirl serving platter that'll become your go-to for cheese, crackers, fruit, and veggies when you're entertaining or just really want to enjoy a charcuterie spread.

    15. A set of lightweight bamboo utensils with silicone handles built to be heat resistant and long lasting. They also have hanging holes for wall storage!

    16. A constellation salad plate so out of this world, you'll be transported to another planet when using it. And who knows, you might even forget you're eating a salad and not a burger.

    17. A set of black matte silverware to soothe your inner goth. They're sleek, rust-proof, and lead-free.

    18. A bamboo dish rack ideal for those that are tired of looking at their ugly plastic ones (they are UGLY, admit it). It's sturdy, antibacterial, and collapsible.

    19. An acrylic paper towel holder to replace your not-so-pretty metal one.

    20. An ice cube tray shaped like diamonds because square-shaped ice is boring and conventional. YOU DESERVE FUN ICE FOR YOUR FUN DRINKS!

    21. A stone salt and pepper shaker set that'll stand out on your table with their etched copper detail.

    22. A modern set of canisters to fit your cereal, pasta, flour, K-cups, sugar and so much more.

    23. A portable slow cooker because it does all the cooking for you with literally zero effort on your part. Seriously. This is lazy chef 101.

    24. A copper-accented French press so you can get your caffeine fill without having an eyesore sitting on your counter day in and day out.

    25. And speaking of coffee, these mugs that'll definitely become a staple on your open shelving. I mean, look at them!!

    26. A set of textured glasses may motivate you to drink more water. Or make mojitos. Both work.

    27. And finally, a water filter you'll be proud to leave on your dining table during a big meal. The wooden handle adds a bit of sophistication to the overall classic design.

    Now go and get your ~chef~ on!

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