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    27 Gifts For Anyone Who Loves To Drive

    Take me home country road.

    1. A bamboo charcoal purifying bag to neutralize odors and absorb any smelly smells that might be lingering in their car. It'll eliminate odors without leaving behind a strong perfume, plus it is reusable for up to two years! All they've got to do is place the bag outside in the sun once a month to rejuvenate it.

    2. Or maybe a Dwayne Johnson freshener that'll release the lovely scent of Lily of the Valley. This will surely get a laugh when someone steps into their car.

    3. A leakproof trash can so they can stop experiencing that wrapper/water bottle pile up in their passenger seat. The vinyl lining will keep liquids contained.

    4. A set of seat gap fillers to prevent that dreaded "my phone just dropped into the deep crevice, might as well kiss it goodbye" moment.

    5. A diffuser and humidifier — it will fit perfectly in their cup holder. Talk about convenient! It's completely silent and will automatically turn off when the water level is low. Plus, it features two USB ports so you can also charge a device.

    6. A USB charger with four (!!!) ports so they'll never have to worry about a dead device during a long trip. It can charge their phone, iPad, and passenger's phone all at the same time.

    7. A set of seat covers, because dirty foot prints always seem to appear after their kids leave the car. The straps are adjustable, so they can get the perfect fit no matter the seat size.

    8. A glasses holder to keep their sunnies in an easily accessible place while they cruise. The clips will hold glasses securely, but they'll be able to remove a pair with just one hand.

    9. A humorous faux eject button that'll scare troublesome passengers. The next time a passenger comments on their driving, they'll know exactly what to scare 'em with.

    10. A set of reflective holiday magnets, because a car is just as fun to decorate as a house! Plus, they'll be able to create any pattern they'd like. The reflective film will make them extra visible on the road, and who doesn't love a bit of added road safety?

    11. Am 104-piece roadside emergency kit so they (and you) will have peace of mind next time they hit the road. They can keep it neatly tucked away in their truck should an emergency arise. Plus everything folds into the handy carrying case, so no, it won't take up a ton of space.

    12. A fidget toy if they're the type that gets a bit antsy in traffic. They can attach this to their keys and keep them entertained during rush hour. It's way better than them picking at their nails for an hour.

    13. A maintenance log book to keep track of all the work they've had done. Oil change? Check. Tires rotated? Check. Now there will be no second guessing on when they need some routine maintenance done. They can keep it stashed in the passenger seat dash for quick reference.

    14. A panda decal sticker for their door handle that'll put a smile on their face every time they go to open their door. It's simple peel-and-stick, plus there'll be zero residue left behind if they need to remove or reposition.

    15. A plush steering wheel cover, because ice cold wheels can be the worst wakeup call in the morning. This cover will fit right over, giving your wheel a warm, fuzzy feel.

    16. A mini cooler/warmer for beverages and snacks so they can just fully move into their beloved car. It's a great gadget for road trips, especially trips with kids. And since it can double as a cooler and warmer, it can be used during all seasons.

    17. A memory foam armrest so they never suffer from a sore arm as the result of sitting in an uncomfortable position during morning traffic. It also features side and front pockets to hold their phone and wallet!

    18. A sun shade that'll adorably turn their car into Lightning McQueen. It'll keep their cars comfortably cool even on the hottest of summer days. No more steering wheels that feel like temperature of the sun.

    19. A headrest hook for their bag so it doesn't go flying when they're forced to stop short. It'll help de-clutter their car floor and it can tuck in when not in use.

    20. A scratch- and waterproof seat cover, because when their doggo decides to play in the mug at the park, their backseat shouldn't have to suffer the consequences. The cover is a universal size that'll fit a majority of backseats. It comes with anchors so it will definitely stay in place, even if they are moving around.

    21. A handheld vacuum so they can rid their vehicle of dirt, dust, dog hair, loose French fries, etc. It comes with a brush attachment for the carpet, cushions, and air vents, plus an extension hose and a slim nozzle for cleaning in the small gaps.

    22. A car trunk organizer that'll create more room for shopping bags, a roadside emergency kit, and sports equipment while also trapping dirt that would otherwise stain the carpet. The sturdy polyester won't tear and the built-in handles allow them to move the organizer from car to car.

    23. A sauce dip clip so they can stop spilling ketchup during a fries marathon. You'll never blame them for diving in while they're still hot, but you do recommend a safety precaution so the ketchup winds up in their mouth and not all over their steering wheel.

    24. A Deathly Hallows decal sticker if they're a *Potterhead* who really loves to drive. It's the perfect way for them to let the world know of their two very serious passions.

    25. A handy escape tool to break windows and cut seatbelts if they ever find themselves in a *terrifying* situation when they need to get out of their car ASAP! It is always better to be prepared!

    26. A magnetic phone mount that'll keep their phone in-view while driving. They feature a sturdy rubber base and strong magnet to keep phones suspended in mid-air. And they'll fit all air vents!

    27. A scratch remover to buff out surface scrapes and caked-in paint from that unfortunate side swipe that would otherwise cost them big bucks at a repair shop. Now where was this when they were in high school and just learning to drive...?

    Now go on and hit the road with your besties!

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