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    25 Things From Free People That People Actually Swear By

    BRB, adding all of these to my shopping cart.

    1. A lightweight tank perfect for a night out on the town — and it's also comfortable to sleep in, should you not have enough energy to change.

    2. A denim mini skirt you'll soon consider a fall wardrobe staple.

    3. A military-inspired jacket with etched buttons and a distressed hem to keep you looking cool as a cucumber.

    4. Ribbed joggers you can throw on for literally any occasion. They're so cozy, you may never take them off.

    5. An oversized cardigan that'll feel like a warm hug every time you wear it. All you need is a scarf and beanie to truly be snug as a bug in a rug.

    6. A midi dress both adorable and airy for anyone who loves the summer months. Made of gauzy cotton, this breezy dress will keep you from sweating your makeup off.

    7. A pair of heeled leather boots with a distressed look you can pair with anything for a more vintage flair.

    8. A delicate bralette that may just replace every bra in your collection. I mean...look at it!

    9. A felt hat with a leather strap that'll act as the perfect accessory for any fall or winter outfit. It also serves some intense Lady Gaga "Joanne" vibes, so of course you should buy.

    10. A resin hoop earring set of three different sizes so you can go for a bold look with the largest pair or a more subtle look with the smallest.

    11. A pair of wide-legged jeans because sometimes skinny jeans are just a bit too constricting. These will give you some much appreciated wiggle room!

    12. A trench coat to drape over your favorite outfit when traveling or heading out to brunch with the gals.

    13. A v-neck jumpsuit with pockets so you can store your phone, wallet, keys, and SNACKSSS.

    14. A full-coverage workout crop top to keep you cool as you work up a sweat.

    15. A pair of skinny overalls, because everyone should own a pair. Even if you don't live on a farm.

    16. A bag you can belt across your body or around your waist so all your precious valuables stay safe and sound.

    17. A portable 3-in-1 razor for touchups while traveling. Say goodbye to those annoying missed spots!

    18. A classic denim jacket that'll become the perfect layering option for when the temp begins to drop.

    19. A thermal top you'll want to throw on the minute you get home from a long day at work and just want to kick up your feet and turn on Netflix.

    20. A vegan leather skirt with clean lines to accentuate your silhouette. You can pair it with a soft-textured shirt or sweater for a contrast of fabrics.

    21. A patterned bandana so versatile, you'll constantly be coming up with new ways to show it off. Around your neck? In your hair? Through a belt loop? Tied around a bag handle? Yes to all of the above!

    22. A mini dress (with pockets!!) designed to drape effortlessly around you. You can throw it over a bathing suit or pair with tights and a blazer for a more formal occasion.

    23. A pair of high-rise flare jeans that'll highlight (and hug) every curve you've got.

    24. A sports bra with an adjustable back for max comfort and flexibility.

    25. And a pair of fringed denim shorts with an adorable scarf belt you'll absolutely live in.

    After all your new Free People purchases:

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