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    29 Things From Free People That Are Actually Worth Your Money

    With plaid blazers, flowy dresses, wide-legged pants, and vegan leather boots — Free People's got it all!

    1. A sharp plaid blazer to add a bit of ~autumn spirit~ to everything you wear this season — this is what we'd file under "stylish layering practices."

    2. Wide-bottomed jeans that will soon rise above the rest of your denim collection — because they have an attention-grabbing ~flare~ for life that certainly can't be ignored.

    3. A simple and chic tee sure to ~brighten up~ your wardrobe — 'cause who says fall calls for deeper tones? Gotta keep the sunshine around somehow.

    4. Vegan leather boots to be announced as the recipient of this year's prestigious "Go-to Cold Weather Boot" award — they're comfy, cute as heck, and made with extremely high quality. You'll be stumped to find something in your closet that DOESN'T go with them.

    5. Belted wide leg pants that will successfully trick you into thinking they're pajamas, but like extremely airy, stylish, and work-appropriate pajamas. Ok, they're PANTS, but you get the point.

    6. A ribbed mini with a ~blouson~ waist that will say, "'Tis the season to incorporate as many comfy knits into your wardrobe as humanly possible."

    7. A roomy two-toned knit set to show off the fact that every day is your own Valentine's day. To yourself. Because of many reasons, but Bieber's advice was also actually pretty solid.

    8. A neoprene halter bralette so you'll feel supported and able to breathe, no matter how much (you go, workout royalty!) or little you're doing (you go, couch wino!).

    9. Ruffled, silky slip-on sandals I imagine Kate Middleton wears on her daily strolls around the Kensington Palace grounds — so what if your version includes more plebeian circumstances?

    10. A beautiful boho lace-inspired bralette that'll convince you to toss out all of your other bras in favor for the underwire-less lifestyle — it's a total package: support, comfort, and style all in one.

    11. A stunning matching silk set featuring a wrap top and wide leg pants that'll convince you to buy many more scarlet items for your closet — it's *that* powerful.

    12. Ridiculously soft ribbed leggings that'll oh so perfectly compliment oversized sweaters, comfy shoes, and hot drinks on a chilly day. Did I mention that they're cozy? I just really feel the need to drive that point straight into hibernation.

    13. Open-toed leather beauties with chic side cutouts and comfort for days — because we're SO OVER painful breaking-in periods.

    14. A billowy cotton dolman-style top with a cropped fit that'll pair magnificently with all of your high-waisted bottoms — hello to legs for days!

    15. A boho-chic maxi dress with a multi-layered skirt and deep neckline that'll convince you that summer is all year 'round — no matter the reality.

    16. A cute buttoned sweater dress when you need warmth, but aren't digging the whole oversized vibe — 'cause your body deserves to be shown off, darn it!

    17. A homey plaid mini that'll pair perfectly with a pair of sheer black tights for the quintessential fall lewk you've been searching for — you're welcome!

    18. A timeless leather box bag to give your essentials the dressed-up home they deserve — and nothing more because, let's be real, what else do you *really* need?

    19. A sunny striped tunic that can be worn several ways and looks as equally cute any way you style it — because we, broke people of the world, just expect that sort of versatility from our closet pieces.

    20. An organic personal lubricant formulated with natural ingredients — hello, aloe vera, green tea leaf extract, and oat kernal extract! — to provide your ~down there area~ with a major boost of hydration for increased pleasure.

    21. An all-day liquid lipstick that comes in eye-catching shades, feels lightweight and comfortable, and is easy to remove even after the longest of days — plus, it's formulated with Vitamins C and E for lasting softness and lip health.

    22. A vegan, antioxidant-rich Vitamin C packed serum to help restore your skin to its original radiance and glow — no chemicals to be found!

    23. A gorgeous sparkle-infused wrap dress with ample stretch, but'll still keeps its shape for an all-around excellent occasion outfit.

    24. A gorgeous crystal facial roller to be used in conjunction with your fave serum, oil, or moisturizer in order to promote healty blood circulation, boost natural collagen, depuff skin, and reduce the appearance of dark circles — it's a great way to start and end your days, truth.

    25. A cozy jumpsuit you'll basically spend your entire fall and winter lounging in — it's perfectly slouchy but better than any regular 'ol shirt and shorts combo. It's also Netflix marathon–ready.

    26. An organic spot treatment spotlighting the magical acne-treating qualities of turmeric, sunflower oil, yellow beeswax, ginger root, and tea tree oil — all you need is 20 minutes of coverage, and then you just wash or wipe the product off.

    27. A cool sleeveless denim mini with a slim but stretchy fit that'll make you fall in love with structured dresses that last throughout all the seasons. Need to layer up? Toss on any longsleeve top underneath and a pair of tights, and you're ready for any weather.

    28. Mushroom-infused coffee packets — specifically cordyceps and chaga mushrooms — for a natural kick of caffeine and metabolism boost supposedly without the crash or jitters. It also tastes a bit milder, like a tea-coffee hybrid (yes, don't worry, it has a bit of instant coffee powder in there as well).

    29. A flowy tie-dye kimono that will make everyone absolutely ~spellbound~ by your presence — you might want to request a red carpet wherever you go, just sayin'.

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