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  • You Know You’re Obsessed With Frozen When….

    1. You can’t stop singing the songs from the movie 2. You love Olaf the snowman’s scene where he says “Some people are worth melting for.” 3. You love Sven because he is so funny and cute as a reindeer 4. You randomly burst out singing “Let It Go” or “Do You Want to Build A Snowman?” in public 5. You see anything from Frozen and immediately want to buy it 6. You want a plush doll of Sven or Olaf the snowman or Elsa or Anna 7. You decide that you’ll name one of your future children Elsa or Anna 8. You decide to dress up as Elsa or Anna for Halloween. 9. You watch the movie more than once

  • You Know You’re Obsessed With Your Sorority When….

    1. You see anything with your sororities symbols on it you immediately want to buy it or try it on 2. You wish you had more money to spend on everything related to your sorority 3. You feel so comfortable in your spirit jersey so you sleep in it 4. You love wearing you’re letters and your sorority’s colors 5. You own more than one piece of clothing with your letters on it 6. You know how to throw what you know and do it every chance you get 7. You live up to your sorority’s values 8. You love your big or little so much and spoil them with gifts galore 9. You have more than one decorated sorority paddle 10. You dedicate a whole photo album on Facebook to your sorority 11. You start a scrapbook if you’re crafty enough dedicated to your sorority 12. You decorate your side of the dorm room to be all of your sorority stuff 13. You are determined to get to know all of your sisters well 14. You decide to room with a sorority sister because you don’t get to see them enough 15. You go broke from buying too much sorority clothing and gear 16. You’re obsessed with whatever the symbols are for your sorority 17. You get a tattoo inspired by your sorority 18. You decide to name your future children after one of the founders of your sorority

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