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50 Shades Of Grey Takes Over The Media

With PR so abrasive it's practically spanking you.

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You've seen the billboards. The teaser trailers. 50 Shades of Grey is now out in theaters, having made over $90 million in the box office opening weekend.

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Let's remember, this is a movie based on a book that had over 100 million soccer moms doing this.


And now it's started a media phenomenon. The film's stars have since appeared on magazine covers, in TV interviews, even the #SNL40 special.

Apparently the film was so noteworthy that Vogue just gave Dakota Johnson a cover.


Matt Lauer even got in the spirit and donned his best BDSM gear to interview the co-stars.

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Keep in mind, this is a movie that critics have bashed with comments like, "You can find dirtier talk in action movies".


But while the movie may have lost it's street cred, it's taken over the internet in more ways than one, starting with The Weeknd's music video.


Miley had a bondage-themed music video too, called "Tongue Tied".


Jessica Simpson posted some #50Shades pics of her own. Just for fun.


Bliss Spa took a big swing (and a miss) using Christian Grey to sell massages.


Makeup Forever created the "Give Into Me" kit for you to wear on Valentine's Day on your date with a mysterious millionaire.

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Wait, you didn't have a Valentine's date with a mysterious millionaire? Nevermind.


There's even Fifty Shades wine that you can buy for said date, or to enjoy alone while you marvel at your Audi car collection or your helicopter.

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Wait, you don't have an Audi collection or a helicopter? Nevermind.

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Speaking of Audi, they created their own spoof using SNL's Vanessa Bayer. Because we didn't know that Audi collection in the movie was Audi.


Lego made its own "interpretation" of the trailer and transformed it into this work of art.

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Fifty Shades inspired this Andrew Marc campaign to showcase a new fashion moment: towels and unzipped dresses.

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Probably the most clever ad yet has to come from Dominos pizza, that swears "You're going to suffer and enjoy" each slice of their Siracha pizza.


So there you have it. Whatever the marketing ploy, it looks like this "bondage love story" is now a media movement.


Let's just hope it's not here to stay.

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