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These 5 Playlists Let You Jam Out To Your Favorite Presidential Candidate

They've been hand-crafted to match the mood of your favorite political candidate. Can your musical tastes survive your political ones?

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It's election season. You're done talking. You've selected your favorite candidate, and anyone who disagrees with that choice is an idiot.

So now that that nonsense is over with, how do you show him, her, or it your support? Lucky for you, we over at Congressional Spotlight have created customized playlists to pump you up for your favorite candidate

Hillary Clintion

Cut through the patriarchal bs with this diva-filled playlist meant to pump you up for 4 more years of pantsuits and stellar haircuts. It's a man's world Ms. Clinton is taking on, and these songs will give you the energy needed to tear down that oval shaped glass ceiling.

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Bernie Sanders

Before the revolution arrives, energize yourself with these mellow songs about Civil Disobedience. From Bob Marley to John Lennon, this playlist will place you in the perfect mood to tear down the foundations of our corrupt, capitalist society with a smile.

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Donald Trump

I'm going to go out on limb and guess that you're angry. Why? You don't know, but things are bad, and they need to stop. This playlist of angry, white men will give you everything you need to keep that rage burning.

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Ted Cruz

There's one thing you like more than reductive fiscal policy, and that's Jesus H. Christ. You can't get enough of that big ol' man in the sky, and no I'm not talking about Ted. We've painstakingly collected the best odes to the Almighty that that sinful Hollywood has to offer.

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