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    • alexanderb24

      Heres an example of how to deal with a situation. In August, I was held at knife point in the downtown area. It wasn’t an area thats particularly known for violence or threats. I handled the situation calmly and didn’t freak out. I went to the police and then to the hospital later for my screwed up arm (prior injury). Now when the police told me that someone actually got stabbedi n that area that same night, I did a duty and went on my social media and warned that the area is looking high risk. I didn’t write a blog about it. I didn’t post photos with others holding signs that said “I don’t deserve to be knifed and join my facebook page!” and the like. I took affirmative action up as best as possible. All what this Cosplay is not Consent motion seems like is passive aggressive and borderline self absorbed.  You don’t like something? Deal with it then. And don’t label everyone as a creep. I have seen many o people that looked like the guy whow anted to disembowel me and I have yet to generalize. And yes kids, having a knife near your stomach is way worse than what your describing of your transgressions. No one needs your permission to take your photo in a public space.

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