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    A Reminder That Disney Villains Are Better Than All Disney Princesses

    Never underestimate the importance of body language. (Or evil.)

    Disney princesses are great and all but, for some of us, there's no denying that Disney villains REIGN SUPREME.

    Walt Disney Pictures


    They're basically the best part of every movie.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    And they know it.

    They're go-getters who don't need rescuing from any dang ol' prince.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    Finish him!

    Because, sure, this isn't creepy...

    ...Every single time it happens.

    They know exactly where their strengths lie (being fab, taking over kingdoms, being really good at eye makeup).

    FYDisneyMisfits / Via Walt Disney Pictures


    Their eyebrow game is always on point.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    Yaas mom! Drag her! Slay!

    And their outfits outshine all others in every conceivable way.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    To ~die~ for.

    I mean, princesses dress well, too... if you're into that sort of look.

    Do you, Cindy.

    Plus, villains tend to have better friends, overall.

    Walt Disney World

    Even if Kronk insists like dressing as a Minion here.

    They're great at multi-tasking.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    - Wake up

    - Eat souls

    - Crush dreams

    - Unwind with some light yoga

    They have the best laughs.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    Heroes: *polite chortle*


    And get all the best lines.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    Welcome to the best advice you've ever been given.

    Meanwhile, over in the princesses' lounge...

    Walt Disney Pictures

    Your poor, simple thing.

    Their side-eye game is celebrated from Atlantica to Agrabah.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    This is the patented "side-to-roll" genre of side-eyeing some thirsty basic. There will be a quiz.

    They really know how to decorate.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    His Pinterest boards must be stellar.

    And, frankly, they tend to be far more relatable than a bunch of goody-two-shoes.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    Madam Mim is us and we are her.

    And who wouldn't want to scream "FOOLS!" at everyone, constantly?

    It's actually on page 187 of the Villainy for Dummies handbook.

    So here's to the misfits, to the misunderstood. To the ones who can really rock an eyebrow raise.

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