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    8 Times Leela And Fry's Relationship Made You Ugly Cry

    "I moved the stars themselves to write her a love note in the sky."

    8. "The Why Of Fry," Season 4, Episode 10

    Comedy Central

    The Episode:

    Nibbler reveals himself to be a highly intelligent creature whose people must recruit Fry to save the universe from a race of sentient brains. For Fry's own protection, Nibbler then erases his memory of having saved the world. Leela, totally unaware that Fry is literally responsible for keeping the universe intact, tells him, "I don't care if you're not the most important person in the universe. It really makes me happy to see you right now."

    Why You Will Be Reduced to a Puddle of Tears:

    Fry responds by telling her, "Then I am the most important person in the universe."

    7. "Parasites Lost," Season 3, Episode 2

    Comedy Central

    The Episode:

    Fry becomes infected by parasites that make him super smart and able to play the holophonor, an instrument that creates beautiful holograms if played properly. Leela becomes enamored by this new Fry, until he begins to wonder whether she loves the REAL him, or simply what the parasites have done to him. He asks the parasites to leave, losing his intelligence and his ability to play the holophonor. No longer suave, Fry ruins his attempts at flirting with Leela.

    The Moment That'll Make You Sob in the Shower:

    Alone, he tries playing the holophonor once more, and creates a single image: a portrait of Leela.

    6. "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings," Season 4 Finale

    Adult Swim

    The Episode:

    Desperate to impress Leela with his holophonor skills, Fry makes a deal with the Robot Devil to trade hands, which he then refuses to trade back. Bender then trades his "crotch plate" for an air horn, which accidentally renders Leela deaf, so SHE makes a deal with the Robot Devil, receiving robot ears in exchange for her hand, which will be collected in due time. The Robot Devil then reveals he meant Leela's hand in marriage...unless Fry agrees to trade back, losing his holophonor skills.

    Why It'll Make You Tearfully Wring Your Clothing:

    After Fry once again loses his ability to play the holophonor, concertgoers leave his performance enraged. Only Leela remains. "Please don't stop playing, Fry," she tells him. "I want to hear how it ends."

    5. "Time Keeps On Slippin'," Season 3, Episode 4

    Comedy Central

    The Episode:

    In an attempt to win an interplanetary game with the Globetrotters (why not?), the Professor has accidentally destabilized space-time, and the universe is at risk of being destroyed. Ultimately the Professor uses his doomsday device to create a black hole that will prevent the further deterioration of space-time.

    Why You'll Gaze Up at the Night Sky With Tears in Your Eyes:

    Fry writes "I Love You, Leela" in stars, but the message is destroyed by the doomsday device before Leela can see it.

    4. "The Late Philip J. Fry," Season 6, Episode 7

    Comedy Central

    The Episode:

    Fry continues his trend of being late to meet up with Leela after he and Bender are roped into testing the Professor's new time machine, which is designed to propel people one minute into the future. Fry records a video message for Leela, apologizing for being a minute late, but the Professor accidentally goes too far into the future and the message becomes lost. Fry, the Professor, and Bender must continue traveling forward in time until they find a point in which backwards travel is invented. Meanwhile, a hurt Leela goes on with her life...until she eventually finds the birthday message from Fry. She decides to reply...

    Why You're Going to Need a Moment:

    ...and so, 1 billion years later, Fry finds that Leela has written him a message using water that has dripped from stalactites. It reads, "Our time together was short, but it was the best time of my life."

    3. "The Sting," Season 4, Episode 12

    Comedy Central

    The Episode:

    After Fry is killed saving Leela from space bees, Leela is despondent. She takes space honey to calm herself down, which results in a series of dreams in which Fry is still alive. They all end with him telling her to wake up, only for her to find he is not there. Leela decides to consume enough space honey to make her fall asleep indefinitely, so that at least she can be with Fry in her dreams.

    Why Your Heaving Sobs Will Draw the Neighbors:

    Leela awakens in a hospital bed beside a weeping Fry, the space bee venom having put her into a coma. Fry had remained by her side for weeks, talking to her and imploring that she wake up.

    2. Bender's Big Score, Season 5

    Comedy Central

    The Episode:

    This "episode" was actually a Futurama movie, so the plot is rather long and complicated! The brief version is this: Leela falls in love with, and eventually marries, a man named Lars, much to Fry's dismay. After Lars dies in an explosion while saving Fry and Leela, everyone discovers that Lars IS Fry — his appearance and voice had been altered due to a fire, and he had frozen himself and gone back to the future to be with Leela, his true love.

    Why It'll Make You Perform a Wall-Slide While Weeping:

    The moment Fry realizes HE IS LARS, he runs out of his apartment, yelling, "Wait for me, Leela! I'll be there in a thousand years."

    1. "Meanwhile," Series Finale

    Comedy Central

    The Episode:

    Through a series of time-altering events, Leela and Fry become trapped in a glitch that freezes time for everyone except them, allowing the two to grow old together in a universe all their own. When the Professor, who was rotated into a separate time dimension, fixes the glitch, he announces that time will begin again, leaving them with no memory of their life together.

    Why It'll Make You Sob Uncontrollably in the Fetal Position:

    At the episode's end, Fry turns to Leela and asks, "What do you say? Want to go around again?"

    I'm done. Please hold me.


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