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Things 1890s Girls Know To Be True

That's SO '90s!

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1. You're always in the market for a good Gibson Girl beauty tutorial.

Charles Dana Gibson / Public Domain / Via

The "Gibson Girl" style, based on the illustrations of Charles Dana Gibson, was characterized by a curvy, athletic silhouette, fashionable sportswear, and curled hair piled high atop her head.

2. ... And you're all about the "New Woman."

"The New Woman," a term coined by writer Sarah Grand and popularized by Henry James, was used to describe a new "type" of woman, one who was increasingly independent, usually educated and affluent, and who enjoyed more autonomy in the domestic and public spheres.

Shown here is Alice Guy-Blaché, one of the very first women to make and produce films.


4. Of course, you're well aware that, if you're NOT a wealthy, educated white woman in the '90s, life is not great, to put it mildly. / Via Scribners

Unsanitary cities, lack of education, attitudes towards immigrants, and cycles of poverty, particularly in cramped, increasingly industrialized urban settings, meant a hard life with no time for leisure.


11. ... Or, if you're alternative, you make fun of the giant sleeve trend and wished it would just go away.

12. You simply hate being called "two-faced."

Disney's The Haunted Mansion / Via

...Particularly since now you worry that it means others think you're hiding a hideous portrait of yourself as you continue to be young and beautiful and horrible. After all, Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray was published in 1891.

13. Sometimes you wonder whether you put on MORE clothes to go to the beach.

Thiophene_Guy / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 7726011@N07

Nothing as bothersome as letting the sunlight touch your bare skin, RIGHT LADIES???


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