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We Bet You Never Noticed This Detail From "The Grinch" As A Kid

Those Whos are whoing it up.

So, you know The Grinch, starring Jim Carrey, right?

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It also featured true icon Baby Grinch and Taylor Momsen, pre-eyeliner.

The movie follows Dr. Suess's classic tale of how the Grinch tries to stop Christmas for the Whos in Whoville, and adds a few flashbacks to the Grinch's early days.

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It's so extra.

We learn that Baby Grinch floated into Whoville in a little basket, landing outside a Who house.

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Or "whouse," if you prefer.

Baby Grinch looks through the window at the Whos partying it up at their "annual holiday get-together," as the movie puts it.

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Because everyone knows the true meaning of Christmas is eggnog shots and conga lines.

As we zoom closer, we see...a bowl...of keys?

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Baby Grinch does not react well to this.

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What's wrong, BB Grinch? Other than being left outside in the cold until MORNING.

So, what's the deal? Are the Whos trying to avoid drinking and driving? Is this a game?

No, it's a KEY PARTY.

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The Whos are swingers. Christmas-loving, kinda sanctimonious, roast beast–eating swingers.

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More power to them. Just wear a whondom.

So. Good luck getting that image out of your mind. Merry Christmas!

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