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    19 Fears That Plague All Writers

    "I hate writing, I love having written." —Dorothy Parker, and also you

    1. Sitting in front of a blank page and feeling nothing.

    2. Legitimately not being sure if what you've written came from you or was something you'd read before.

    3. Sharing your writing with other people.

    4. And, then, the torture of having to watch people AS they read your work.

    5. People asking you to explain your jokes.

    6. Reading over your work and feeling like you're a giant garbage machine.

    7. Setting aside time to write and then spending that time watching Netflix and googling pictures of llamas.

    8. Turning on some music to write to and then having a dance session instead of writing.

    9. Dreaming up the perfect story arc, character, or line...and then promptly forgetting it upon waking.

    10. Your work disappearing because technology is out to get you.

    11. Becoming trapped in a simile you can't escape, like a sea captain going down with his ship and also the ship is your heart.

    12. Staring at a single word so long that it begins to look incredibly strange, like something you might've just made up.

    13. Beginning a sentence with no idea of where it's going or how to end the sentence because you were trying to make a point that a sentence is...

    14. Reading an author's work and then not being able to help writing in that author's voice.

    15. Worrying you're actually not much of a writer.

    16. Killing your darlings.

    17. Struggling to find the perfect word.

    18. Rereading something you thought was amazing and realizing it's a little closer to TERRIBLE.

    19. Acknowledging that 90% of rewriting.

    ...But knowing it's all worth it.