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    23 Words For Book Lovers That Really Should Exist

    New words for the people who love them.

    1. A word for the smell of a new book.

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    Smells like freshness and adventures to be had.

    2. A word for the smell of an old book.


    A whole new book could be written about all the things this book has seen! If, you know. Books could see.

    3. A word for the guilt you feel when you accidentally tear part of a book.

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    I never meant to hurt you.

    4. A word for the exquisite ache you feel when waiting for the paperback version to publish.

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    I need a copy of this book and I need it to not weigh 500 pounds and cost a million and two dollars.

    5. A word for owning 7,852 bookmarks yet never finding one when you need it.

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    They all end up wherever missing socks also go.

    6. A word for reading something you've always felt, but could never articulate.

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    7. A word for never wanting a book to end.

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    8. A word for finishing a book out of a sense of duty.

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    If I don't finish this book, it will know and it will be sad. Somehow.

    9. A word for that one book you read over and over and over.

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    It's like an old friend who knows you best.

    10. A word for not remembering whether something happened to you... or you read it in a book.

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    Did I declare that all adults are phony, or did I read that somewhere?

    11. A word for the totally unnecessary annoyed feeling you get when seeing a book you love reissued with a movie poster as its cover.

    Hey, if it gets people to read, it can't be that bad. BUT WHY DO I HATE IT SO?

    12. A word for the despair you feel when someone spoils a book's ending for you.

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    The ultimate betrayal.

    13. A word for laughing in public because of something you've just read.

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    14. A word for feeling such a close kinship with an author that you feel they're writing just for you.

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    Kindred spirits, by pages bound.

    15. A word for when you read a steamy section of a book in public and sense that EVERYONE KNOWS.

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    16. A word for knowing that you cannot fully understand a person unless you see what's on their bookshelf.

    Hmmm a curious number of books about taxidermy...

    17. ... And a word for the kind of crush that develops on a person after seeing what they're reading.

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    I love your brain.

    18. A word for being so engrossed in a book that you begin thinking and speaking like its characters.

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    A good writer is essentially a magician, casting a spell on readers.

    19. A word for the realization that there is such a thing as "bookstore porn."

    And not of the sexy librarian variety, either. (This image is from The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles, which you should visit if you're ever in the city.)

    20. A word for the creeping horror you feel when someone informs you that "I never read."

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    21. A word for owning more books than you technically have space for.

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    It's not a problem. It's a challenge.

    22. A word for reading a phrase in a book and needing to pause and just bask in its beauty for a moment.

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    “A dream, all a dream, that ends in nothing, and leaves the sleeper where he lay down, but I wish you to know that you inspired it.”

    23. The word for the special love that blooms when you lend someone a book and they love it just as much as you do.