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What Has Been The Most Awkward Dating App Date You've Ever Been On?

Who can top the classic catfish story?

Recently, we shared 50 of the most awkward dates people have ever been on, and I still haven't stopped laughing. From a funeral home owner who couldn't stop talking about what makeup they would use to pretty-up their date post-death, to one girl who insisted on eating steak with her hands, we've heard it all! Or have we...

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If you're someone who has gone on a date with a person you met through a dating app, I've got to know, what was your most awkward or worst date experience?

Did they meet you at a restaurant and show up with a kid you didn't know they had?

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Did they eat an absurd amount of food and then disappear after claiming they were going to the bathroom, thereby leaving you the check?

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Or were they a classic catfish?

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I wanna hear from you! Tell me about your worst date experiences in the comments below and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.