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15 Petty, Outrageous, And Downright Ridiculous Reasons Why These Employees Got In Trouble At Work

"Calling out to attend my own wedding."

My first job was at a bookstore, and I remember being sat down by my boss because I showed up to work 10 minutes early instead of the 15-minute early arrival she expected but never voiced.

So, when Twitter user @Katieharr1988 asked the internet to share the weirdest things they've ever gotten in trouble for at work, I was both thrilled to see I wasn't alone and embarrassed by how bosses act in this country.

What’s the weirdest thing you ever got in trouble at work for? I was accused of being disrespectful because the six people I CCd on an email weren’t listed in order of seniority.

Twitter: @katieharr1988 / Via Twitter: @katieharr1988

Regardless, here are some of the wildest replies:


@katieharr1988 I got an official warning for humming the theme to Thomas the tank engine whilst at the photocopier.....I had been doing it for around 6 months.

Twitter: @ChrisYoules / Via Twitter: @ChrisYoules


calling out to attend my own wedding 💀

Twitter: @braileysanchez / Via Twitter: @braileysanchez


Today for evacuating with other staff out of a building when the fire alarm went off. Apparently, I should have known better its a false alarm

Twitter: @blueeucalyptus / Via Twitter: @blueeucalyptus


@KainKravitch @katieharr1988 I had a week where I worked 39.5 hours because of an appointment and I got a "verbal warning" via email and a long talking to by my manager: "I'm not going to tell you that YOU HAVE TO work 40+ hours". Ignoring weeks when I did 60. I worked 40s exactly until I quit

Twitter: @Autalyst / Via Twitter: @Autalyst


@katieharr1988 I was told off for using a word in a report that my boss didn't know ("minutiae"). I asked her to give me a list of all the words she didn't know so that it wouldn't happen again.

Twitter: @JasMcN / Via Twitter: @JasMcN


I got in trouble because my boss kept getting solicited by outside sales/service cold calls, and she thought I should be receiving them instead. Sure, let me figure out who might call us someday, and update their contact list immediately.

Twitter: @FamousJames / Via Twitter: @FamousJames


Partner missed a court appearance and told everyone it was my fault because I never told him about it. He did this by REPLYING ALL to the 3 month old email where I told him about it.

Twitter: @eatsmorechicken / Via Twitter: @eatsmorechicken


My first job out of college I got chastised for not staying late regularly. When I pointed out I came in early every day they responded it didn't count because nobody saw it.

Twitter: @chrisod / Via Twitter: @chrisod


The head of my department got mad that I sent an email about planning a team halloween costume for the company costume competition, and subsequently made a rule that all team-wide emails needed to be approved by her before sending. Our team was about 10 people.

Twitter: @chelseamott_ / Via Twitter: @chelseamott_


@katieharr1988 In an annual review it was said "we're not allowed to criticize you for this so it's not really a complaint but... We noticed you really do like your 9 to 5s" (I.e. why aren't you working past your contractual hours?)

Twitter: @KainKravitch / Via Twitter: @KainKravitch


@katieharr1988 @DivagoTM Solving a big problem at work, but I didn’t tell my boss how I came up with the solution. When he presented to his bosses, he felt embarrassed he could not answer how HE came up with the idea and HAD TO give up the credit

Twitter: @msheddylammar / Via Twitter: @msheddylammar


@katieharr1988 I got devoured for multiplying numbers in my head instead of using a calculator because I was "showing off" 🤷‍♂️😄

Twitter: @AndrewKehoe8 / Via Twitter: @AndrewKehoe8


@katieharr1988 My manager once threaten to fire me because people "liked me to to much." I had been moved from register to fitting room to stocking untill eventually the backroom before i was called to the office "no matter where we hide you everyone around you is suddenly your friend"

Twitter: @CCChase2 / Via Twitter: @CCChase2


@katieharr1988 I couldn't unlock the office door with the key my manager gave me. I then got lectured about wasting her time - all whilst she tried to unlock the door with the same key... and it didn't work🙃

Twitter: @hklovesbooks / Via Twitter: @hklovesbooks


@katieharr1988 Telling a customer what time we closed at. The company owner felt this was classified information that could be used for a robbery. I wish I was making this up.

Twitter: @declander / Via Twitter: @declander

Now I'm curious — if you're comfortable sharing, what's the most ridiculous thing you've gotten in trouble for while at work?