This "Million Dollar Company" Told Employees No Call-Offs Will Be Accepted, And People Are Rightfully Dragging Them

    "If I saw this, I would walk out and never be seen there again."

    In recent time, the US saw its highest "quit rate" in 20 years, which led the Pew Research Center to survey workers about all the reasons why they're up and quitting their jobs. Unsurprisingly to many, the top two reasons included low pay and no opportunities for advancement. And the third reason? Feeling disrespected at work.

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    Yup, 57% of responders said being disrespected was among their main reasons for quitting. And right after that, dealing with childcare issues and struggling with a lack of flexibility when it comes to hours were close in line.

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    So, when one tired employee shared a rather tasteless memo posted on the wall in their workplace with the same themes, the image instantly went viral.

    Ahh yes. Personal emergencies always work around a million dollar company’s schedule. Call offs happen. Maybe find a way to further incentivize your workers instead of being a bitch.

    Twitter: @fuckyouiquit / Via Twitter: @fuckyouiquit

    Before humble bragging about being a "million dollar company," managers told workers there will be "NO" call offs on Christmas Eve or the day before. This may, at first, seem rational, as that can be a busy time, but then you keep reading.

    arrows pointing to the different "excuses" they will not be hearing for call offs

    "No babysitter?" the memo poses. "Find one."

    This is followed up by equally harsh messaging like:

    "Child sick, buy some medicine."

    "You['re] sick, buy some medicine."

    And, "Car trouble, call an Uber."

    After going viral, the memo left a bad taste in many people's mouths. They felt as though the company was showing a refusal to be understanding in case of emergencies...

    @fuckyouiquit These heartless people

    Twitter: @Shanifenix / Via Twitter: @Shanifenix

    ...and that the company was openly admitting to harboring an unsafe work environment for the sake of money.

    @fuckyouiquit Showing up to work infectiously sick and infecting all the clients, because “nO CaLLoFfs aCcEpTeD.” That’ll be good business for your company, I’m sure.

    Twitter: @Sardonic_Sadist / Via Twitter: @Sardonic_Sadist

    The "million dollar" brag didn't sit well either. Some commenters pushed the monetary evaluation back at them and pointed out that management should be able to hire temps or backups in the case that someone would need to call out.

    @fuckyouiquit "We are a million dollar company, let's act like one" million dollar companies have million dollar budget to have backup plans for sick employees

    Twitter: @hi_im_marquii / Via Twitter: @hi_im_marquii

    @fuckyouiquit We're a million dollar company! Let's act like one! I mean, not by using that million dollars to hire some temporary help in case someone gets sick during the busiest time of year! I mean by working through illness!

    Twitter: @benzored / Via Twitter: @benzored

    Likewise, a few people even poked fun at all the grammatical errors in the memo, which is not very "million dollar company-like."

    @fuckyouiquit You're* Let's* They're a million dollar company, they should write like one.

    Twitter: @PilsburyBane / Via Twitter: @PilsburyBane

    @fuckyouiquit You would think $1 million company would know how to spell you’re.

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    In all seriousness, though, the post reminded some of their previous (and current) jobs where treatment was/is comparable. One commenter shared that they got a fever on Christmas Eve and their boss "threatened to doc my pay without a Dr.'s note despite the fact that I had my 40 hours in for the week."

    @fuckyouiquit Sounds like the last place I worked for. Got sick on 12/23, running a fever of 102 on 12/24, DM threatened to dock my pay without a Dr's note despite the fact that I had my 40 hours in for the week already (life pro tip kids, never work salaried in retail management)

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    The only option, people concluded, is to leave if you're able, and seek out more reasonable employers.

    @fuckyouiquit @HbKusoneko The only proper response is finding new employment.

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    @fuckyouiquit If I saw this, I would walk out and never be seen there again.

    Twitter: @chellybean9271 / Via Twitter: @chellybean9271

    Have you ever experienced an unreasonable boss? If you're comfortable sharing, tell us about it in the comments.