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    29 People On A Budget Shared Luxuries They'll Always Make Room For, And I Completely Agree

    "This is small, but I get my dog's nails trimmed every 4 weeks. Less stressful for both of us!"

    I'm sure I don't need to tell you because your wallet already feels it, but eggs are like $6–$7, a recession appears to be looming, and rent has more than skyrocketed. But the wheel keeps turning, bills still have to be paid, and it's becoming difficult for those who work hard to find ways to reward themselves responsibly.

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    The same can be said for digital and social media director Talia Cadet, a 33-year-old who recently went viral while sharing all the things she makes sure to leave room in her budget for "because I'm in my mid-30s [and] I work hard."


    You either have time or money in this life, and sometimes I have a little more money. #adulting #splurge #lifeinyour30s #blackgirlluxury #softlife

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    It's her belief that we all deserve small luxuries that help to relieve everyday stress and burdens. "Life is a lot right now," Talia told BuzzFeed. "Between the work-sleep-repeat of it all and cycling from one unprecedented news event to the next, we deserve some joy, rest, and comfort wherever we can get it. An escape. An indulgence. If something makes you feel good or your life easier, do it if you can. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive, either. Something small can be the bright spot in your day."

    Some examples she provided: avoiding layovers if you have to take a flight, or paying a professional housekeeper — they typically charge around $25 an hour on average — to help when you're feeling underwater.

    Inspired, thousands of viewers shared the little luxuries they prioritize in their budgets. Here are some of the most popular purchases:

    1. "Non-stop flights! When I get off a plane, I refuuuuse to get on another one."

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    2. "[A] lawn service professional. I am not about to be outside mowing grass, y'all got it."

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    3. "As someone who ALWAYS groomed my 3 dogs at home, I just took my one dog to the groomers and when I tell you I will continue to make room for that!"

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    4. "Good concert seats is spot on! I am NOT standing and I am not sitting in the back. I rather not go."

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    5. "Catering and cleaning services for family functions. I'm not the one to bond over peeling potatoes with long lost cousins at someone's wedding."

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    6. "When I buy things especially furniture, I will pay for delivery and assembly."

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    7. "Express passes at amusement parks cause I ain't waiting in line for 8 hours just to get on 2 rides the whole day."

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    8. "100% paying to get my hair done."

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    9. "I definitely splurge on my health (organic, supplements etc lol) and self care. I've lost [my] health before and it's not a negotiable."

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    10. "Im young and have no money, but you better believe I will be having dessert."

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    11. "Facials and pedicures. Gotta have that self care routine!"

    12. "MY OWN ROOM! I love a good girls trip but I refuse to share. If my own room ain't in the budget, I'm not going. I'm 40 not 19."

    13. "Valet Parking! I don't have time to be circling the block. Let me go ahead and pay for convenience."

    14. "I always have room in my budget for priority [UberEats]. I want my food and I want it fast."

    15. "[G]oing to the butcher store for meat not grocery stores, random I know but I promise it's better."

    16. "Mine are def alcohol (quality not quantity), skincare & toiletries."

    Screenshot of text, along with "sheets and coffee"

    17. "[S]ounds silly but now I always pay for professional [Brazilian] waxing, I can't be putting the effort at home."

    18. "Good quality clothes that fit me & good quality shoes! Not saying name brand just good quality overall. No more shitty shoes & no weird fitting jeans!"

    19. "I agree with the braiding for sure. I can braid my own hair pretty well but I'd rather sit and have it done than to sit and do it."

    20. "Regular blowouts. Similar to hair braiding I just don't have time to wash, deep condition, blow dry and style my hair."

    21. "Good wine."

    Screenshot of text, along with "coffee and skincare"

    22. "Spa membership. Got it as a gift one month and just haven't cancelled it."

    23. "Good skin care products. I found a moisturizer that works perfectly for my sensitive skin, and I will continue to spend the $80 a jar on it for life."

    24. "Express shipping....I'm not waiting 3-5 business days."

    25. "I also now pay someone to take down my protective styles. I'm always nervous I'll damage my hair or tangle it so I save time & get it styled."

    26. "A good dinner on vacation! I'm not scrimping and saving on vacation. I'm having a nice sit down dinner, I'm not afraid to leave you in the dust."

    27. "This is small, but I get my dog's nails trimmed every 4 weeks. Less stressful for both of us!"

    28. "Airport lounge and TSA pre-[check]. Non-negotiable."

    29. And finally, "professional movers."

    Talia said she recognizes the privileges of having no dependents and more money for herself. However, in thinking back on the days when money was tighter, she said, "You have to work within your budget and pick and choose what you can spring for and if it’s worth springing for. It’s truly a negotiation with oneself.

    "Of the items I mentioned in the initial video, the housecleanings are the most important to me. They allow me to show up in other areas of my life. It keeps my house a sanctuary. It contributes to my peace. Not to be dramatic, but the cleanings saved my life. 

    "This summer, I was drowning and my house was beginning to reflect my mental state. I cried all afternoon after the cleaners left that first time. That’s how relieved I was. I desperately needed deep cleanings off my plate. I can give up the travel, brunches, and concerts, but the housecleanings? Never. And no one will make me feel bad about paying for them."

    What little luxuries do you prioritize in your life? Let me know in the comments.

    And if you'd like to keep up with Talia, you can follow her on TikTok