32 Photos That Prove Bo Was One Of The Best Dogs In Presidential History

    The beloved First Dog. 🐕

    This past weekend, the Obamas announced the passing of their beloved dog, Bo, who the US had come to know and love throughout their time in the White House and beyond.

    "For more than a decade, Bo was a constant, comforting presence in our lives," Michelle Obama shared on Instagram. "This past year, with everyone back home during the pandemic, no one was happier than Bo. All his people were under one roof again — just like the day we got him. I will always be grateful that Bo and the girls got to spend so much time together at the end."

    Bo will be sincerely missed, and it is for this reason that we'll look back on his time with the Obamas and us:

    1. The Obamas adopted Bo in early 2009.

    President Obama smiling as he kneels down to greet Bo

    2. Bo was a gift for Sasha and Malia Obama.

    3. And he was the kind of dog who could sweep a president off their feet.

    Bo pulling on his leash as President Obama tries to hold on

    4. Truly man's best friend.

    5. And a sincere part of the family.

    6. The girls loved to play with him on the White House lawn.

    7. In 2011, replicas of Bo were placed throughout the White House for decoration during Christmastime.

    8. Meanwhile, the real Bo could be found enjoying the holiday snow.

    9. He sure knew how to keep the family on their toes.

    10. Bo was often in attendance at events, like when Michelle Obama read books to patients at the Children's National Medical Center in Washington.

    11. And during Michelle's reading at the White House's annual Easter egg roll.

    12. He even got to meet members of Congress during a picnic the Obamas hosted on the White House lawn.

    13. And Bo was always photo-ready. (I mean, look at the paw! Talk about modeling from the tip of your head to your toes!)

    14. He basically ran the Rose Garden.

    15. Who are we kidding? He was the star of the whole White House.

    16. He stood by while Obama read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom to kids.

    17. And flew in style on the way to vacation at Martha's Vineyard.

    18. Even when vacation was brought to the White House via luaus hosted by the Obamas, Bo was always there.

    19. And he met the in-laws, Michelle Obama's mother, Marian Robinson.

    20. Such a good boy!

    21. Bo was incredibly dependable and even helped President Obama shop for Christmas presents.

    22. He made sure the White House Christmas tree was in tip-top shape upon delivery.

    23. And was welcoming to the Obamas' second dog, Sunny.

    24. He loved walks with Sasha and a couple members of his Secret Service fam.

    25. Honestly, Bo may have been the most famous Obama. Everyone wanted an interview:

    26. Bo and Sunny stole the show when the Obamas welcomed military personnel and their family members to the White House.

    27. And he helped their kids at the Christmas crafting station.

    28. But Michelle made sure to cover his ears when discussing Bo's Christmas gifts. She didn't want to ruin the surprise!

    29. Bo and Sunny were inseparable.

    30. But, tbh, Bo was my favorite. (Sorry Sunny. You're still super cute, though.)

    31. Name a more iconic duo.

    32. You'll be missed, Bo!