The Obamas' Family Dog, Bo, Has Sadly Died — And Barack And Michelle's Statements Are Making Me Tear Up


    Bad news: The Obamas' family dog, Bo, has sadly died of cancer.

    President Obama giving Bo belly rubs

    Michelle shared the news on Instagram, writing how the dog — who was originally a campaign promise to her daughters — came to mean a great deal to all the family.

    "For more than a decade, Bo was a constant, comforting presence in our lives," she wrote. "He was there when the girls came home from school, greeting them with a wag. He was there when Barack and I needed a break, sauntering into one of our offices like he owned the place, a ball clamped firmly in his teeth."

    Mrs. Obama reading a children's book as Bo walks by

    "This past year, with everyone back home during the pandemic, no one was happier than Bo. All his people were under one roof again — just like the day we got him. I will always be grateful that Bo and the girls got to spend so much time together at the end."

    President Obama running with Bo and his daughters Sasha and Malia

    "As a family, we will miss Bo dearly. But we are thankful that he lived such a joyful life full of snuggles, games of fetch, and evenings spent lying on the couch," she added.

    Bo eating treats at his birthday party

    Barack echoed the sentiment on his own Instagram with the caption, "Today our family lost a true friend and loyal companion. For more than a decade, Bo was a constant, gentle presence in our lives — happy to see us on our good days, our bad days, and everyday in between."

    "He tolerated all the fuss that came with being in the White House, had a big bark but no bite, loved to jump in the pool in the summer, was unflappable with children, lived for scraps around the dinner table, and had great hair. He was exactly what we needed and more than we ever expected. We will miss him dearly."

    Indeed, Barack called Bo, "the only reliable friend a politician can have in Washington" in his memoir A Promised Land, thanking the dog for an excuse to put off paperwork in the name of playing with the pup and his family.

    So RIP, Bo.

    You will be missed.

    Bo biting a camera