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    MrBeast Fans Are Ripping Open Chocolate Bars In Hopes Of Finding The Golden Ticket For His Latest, Wonka-Inspired Competition

    Will you be competing?

    Even if you don't watch the YouTuber, you've probably heard MrBeast's name.

    MrBeast smiling as he sits in a chair with one leg crossed over the other

    Recently, MrBeast decided to join the candy business and launched his own chocolate bar brand: the MrBeast Bar. But it simply would not be a MrBeast launch without a spin. So, he's creating a Willy Wonka–inspired competition for anyone who wants to partake.

    Here's how it works: "10 random bars will have a mystery ticket in them and I will fly those 10 people out to compete for a chocolate factory in a video," MrBeast said.

    An illustration of the competition rules

    Yes, a whole chocolate factory — and a chance to be featured in one of his videos — is up for grabs. But that's not all. Each chocolate bar has a QR code on the back, and even if you don't find the mystery ticket, scanning this code will enter you for a chance to win a plethora of other lavish prizes, including a Tesla, a pair of Jet Skis, Beats by Dre headphones, cash, and more.

    For obvious reasons, the competition has earned MrBeast numerous comparisons to the beloved character Willy Wonka:

    Nothing could have prepared me for 2022 Mr. Beast Willy Wonka arc

    Twitter: @katerwaulled / Via Twitter: @katerwaulled

    Mr.Beast Just woke up one day and decided "I'm Willy Wonka now."

    Twitter: @dijiboy1234 / Via Twitter: @dijiboy1234
    Twitter: @MrAwesome1811 / Via Twitter: @MrAwesome1811

    Honestly, I'm just hoping we skip the traumatic plot lines where characters turn into blueberries, nearly drown in chocolate rivers, or have to burp in order to avoid being chopped into pieces by a fan.

    You can buy a chocolate bar and start searching for a mystery ticket, or enter to win one of the other prizes, here.

    Let us know if you'll be competing, and what you'd do with the prize, in the comments.