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    15 Hobbies That Are Associated With The Rich, Wealthy, And Possibly Out Of Touch

    "Traveling to space."

    Recently, Reddit user u/sangriasunset asked the internet: "What hobby immediately makes you think 'This person grew up rich'?" And, you know what? There were a few responses that I hadn't thought about.

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    Here are some of the most interesting replies:

    1. "Collecting cars."


    2. "Polo — it's how to make owning a horse even more expensive. You need a STABLE full of trained horses, several team members to play with, maybe a membership in a club, and a costly trainer for yourself."

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    3. "Yachting and sailing."


    4. "Having a private flying license, just to fly for fun. Even more if you have your own plane."


    "My brother-in-law and his cousin were pilots. They would land at an airport they hadn’t been to before and admire the other planes."


    5. "Traveling to space."

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    6. "Hunting in a safari."


    7. "Youth hockey. At least in SE Michigan. It takes time and cash to buy all those pads, take the kids to practice, travel, etc."


    8. "Fencing."

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    9. "Skiing and snowboarding. Especially if they get new gear every year and sell their old gear to classmates."


    10. "Scuba diving."


    11. "International travel for pleasure. Don't get me wrong, travel is awesome, and I absolutely love being able to do it and am grateful that my job makes it possible. But I didn't leave the country until I was in my 20s and didn't travel abroad just for the hell of it until my 30s. I realize just how much of a privilege being able to travel is."

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    12. "Croquet."


    13. "Fox hunting."

    14. "Collecting watches. I had a young coworker who was super into his collection and did online reviews. One day, I finally googled F.P. Journe and Richard Mille and realized he was wearing a $300K watch to work. It ultimately opened up a conversation about his family and multi-million dollar trust fund."

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    15. "Go-karting. Any kind of motorized racing, really."


    Did we miss something? What hobbies do you think are a sign of wealth? Let us know in the comments below.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.