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    32 Cashiers Admitted To Giving People Deals And Discounts Just Because They Weren't Horrible To Them

    "I'd use an extra coupon for people who were nice to me at checkout."

    Recently, Twitter user @jennycavallero remembered when she worked at Hobby Lobby during high school and gave discounts to people who were nice to her:

    i worked at hobby lobby in high school and they didn’t use barcodes for anything so sometimes i’d ring up $30 whatevers as $3 if an old lady told me i had nice skin

    Twitter: @jennycavallero

    The wholesome memory inspired other retail and service workers across industries to share times when they also surprised sweet customers with deals, just because they treated them like human beings. Here are some of the best moments:


    @jennycavallero In high school I worked at Dunkin’ Donuts and all the customers were so mean, the few nice ones I would “accidentally” make two of their orders and I would just be like oh my mistake you can keep it. It was just my way of saying thanks for being so nice to me Lmao

    Twitter: @arly42069


    Twitter: @TiffRichElliott


    @jennycavallero I work at un1versal and I had a lady say she’s been saving up all year to come and she was so excited to come treat herself , I gave her the biggest discount I could , she almost cried saying that she shouldn’t have been spending that much anyways and thanked me over and over

    Twitter: @cheshirecatcruz


    @jennycavallero I worked for an airline in the early 2000s at the counter and gates and loved giving nice people 1st class upgrades.

    Twitter: @Agirlnamedandy


    @jennycavallero When I worked in a mall bookstore back in the 90s, a group of really old women would come in for their weekly harlequin romance books and pay in change. Broke my heart. I’d put my finger over the barcode so the scanner wouldn’t work and I’d have to key it in… at 1/6 the price.

    Twitter: @DunzoWithSergio


    @jennycavallero at target self check out i was gonna buy a $8 sweater, turns out it was $18, so I asked for it to be removed. apologized to the target lady for the hassle bc i thought it was $8 and she whispered “would you buy it if it was $8?” & I said yes and she changed the price to $8 🥺

    Twitter: @messgoesmoo


    @jennycavallero When I worked at Michael’s in highschool I’d always use an extra coupon for people who were nice to me at checkout. You deal with a lot of Karen’s in craft stores. So when people are nice they sometimes get an extra % off their final order.

    Twitter: @Ashleychen1317


    @jennycavallero I did this to a customer and they were too honest and noticed I didn't scan it lmao I'm like no shut up it's fine !!

    Twitter: @Peachyymaddie


    @jennycavallero one time a lady was nice to me so her 25 balls of yarn were 39 cents each

    Twitter: @cowliker3


    @jennycavallero I used to work at a place that gave us $20 leeway per customer to "make it right" and a young mom didn't have enough EBT for baby formula *and* her own food. She was crying and apologizing, handing back her food. I made the formula free so she wouldn't have to choose.

    Twitter: @GeeScoops


    @jennycavallero Not hobby lobby… but the cashier at target once whispered to me “say you forgot your coupon..” so I did. And she said “oh I have one right here!!” Really loudly and scanned it for me 😂😭

    Twitter: @chelsiesparks


    @jennycavallero When I worked at Michaels I used all the coupons I could on people's purchases if they were chill and I gave anyone buying those ridiculously expensive mission project kits my employee discount.

    Twitter: @bbybellecos


    @jennycavallero Reminds when I worked at Walmart. I would tell the homeless people to come around closing time ( deli) and give them free food. It was better than throwing it out since most of the time it was still good

    Twitter: @JjongsLeftSock


    @jennycavallero I told the cashier at Kohls one day that she looked like Vanna White. She ended up pulling out some coupons from under the register and I got almost $400 worth of stuff for $129 😭😭❤

    Twitter: @_Kyiaaaaa


    @jennycavallero Did the same thing working at an indie used bookstore. Mostly I would give discounts for kids books, which were on sale a lot. Teachers and low income families would come in during those sales to stock up and I'd always throw in extra discounts when I could

    Twitter: @bi_swamp_thing


    @jennycavallero I once had a little boy come in , all excited to buy some pizzas for dinner as a " surprise " for his parents who were " having a sad day" . He had a dollar. The pizzas were ten. I let him keep his dollar, told him he got " Good Boy " discount , and paid myself.

    Twitter: @AnxiPurpleCloud


    @jennycavallero I'll never forget the sweet Starbucks worker who bought me a free hot cocoa when I got stood up by my date. Benjamin you are a treasure

    Twitter: @AnxiPurpleCloud


    @jennycavallero when i worked at kohl’s i would give people coupons that were nice to me but if they were rude “sorry you have to have the physical coupon” 🤗 that’s why you should be nice to customer service workers 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Twitter: @yellzyah


    @jennycavallero when i worked at a college bookstore as a seasonal temp, i told people where they could get textbooks cheaper if they stressed about the price, which is probably why i didn't get hired as a permanent part timer

    Twitter: @thenewbigpapaya


    @jennycavallero I used to take my disabled son to dinner every Friday @ Texas RdHse. Super sweet waitstaff, after awhile dessert and a cocktail started showing up every week without me ordering them and weren't on the bill. They were so sweet and patient w/ my son. I tipped well ❤️.

    Twitter: @DeeStengel


    @jennycavallero When I worked at Ulta we were only allowed to take one Ulta coupon and one manufacturer coupon per customer but if someone handed me a stack of coupons and they all scanned in, I just took them 🤷‍♀️ i was 20, I wasn't going to argue with customers over that shit

    Twitter: @ActAppalledxx


    @jennycavallero a lot of the time at my job we have homeless people come in and look at our case (i work in a bakery) and everytime they’ll ask me for the cheapest item- i always ask them what they *really* and tell them “it’s on the house.”- then after they leave i go and pay for it myself

    Twitter: @goin2thechateau


    @jennycavallero yeah no at st*rbucks we literally have a button to make ur order free like if it's wrong or took too long or whatever, ill usually use it if someone's card declines or they're in scrubs or look like a student. makes me feel good to just hand it off like "on me btw ;)"

    Twitter: @naurwayjose


    @jennycavallero Once I was checking out at Trader Joe's and the cashier asked how I was doing and I said Ok I'm heading to a funeral and before I could register the three dings there was a bouquet being tucked into my bag 💕

    Twitter: @jodiduby


    @jennycavallero I needed syringes to give meds to newborn baby goats, and in my area they don't sell them at feed stores. I went to a local drug store almost in tears, the lady at the pharmacy said we don't sell them without a prescription but here you go, and she gave me a bag of 10. ❤️

    Twitter: @Ljtnelson


    @jennycavallero whenever ppl are nice to me I usually won't charge them for their coffee or if they got 2 of something I'll only charge for 1

    Twitter: @nonbinaryvamp


    @jennycavallero I worked at Red Robin and I had a small family of 3 come in every Friday and they would try to split a burger 3 ways bc they didn’t have the $ for a kids meal and 2nd burger so I’d ring up free refills of kids mac n cheese and fries for them and give them extra to take home

    Twitter: @ash_n_peterson


    @jennycavallero I do the same ring at the grocery store I work at! A woman compliments my lashes or hair? You just got your milk for free, lady!

    Twitter: @TransJustine


    @jennycavallero I used to work at Joanns and I would constantly add online coupons if the people were nice to me, because at the time we had a competitor that always had 20% off whole purchase.

    Twitter: @passthe_mustard


    @jennycavallero In high school my friends and would always go to the same Mexican restaurant for lunch sometimes we would not have or forget our money and If the lady behind the counter saw that one of us wasn't eating she would bring out what we normally ordered so we didn't go without lunch

    Twitter: @Sweetla14258433


    @jennycavallero Worked at a pet store and gave all the animals lots of free treats and goodies as much as possible and would key in expired coupons for the nicest customers 🥺

    Twitter: @bttrflymilkweed


    @jennycavallero i worked at an ice cream shop this summer. k one time a girl came in and didn’t have enough money for her stuff. she looked super embarrassed and had to go out to her car to get more. after about 5 minutes i just paid for her and when she came back i said someone else paid

    Twitter: @rachelcranko

    Have you ever given someone a discount for being nice? Tell me about it in the comments.