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    People Are Arguing Over Which Song From Kids Shows And Movies Is The Best, And I Need To Know Your Opinion

    "My shiny teeth and me!" 🎶🎶🎶

    As a self-proclaimed kids movie and show connoisseur, I LOVE when a good hit single is thrown into the storyline. So, when I noticed Twitter user @S0PELOGY asked the internet to share their favorite hits from movies geared toward young people that had no reason being such a bop, I couldn't help but scroll through all of the replies, and each will have you singing along.

    kid / teen tv show / movie songs that had no business being that fire discourse

    Twitter: @S0PELOGY / Via Twitter: @S0PELOGY

    Here are some of the best contenders for the top song:

    1. "Stronger Than You" by Garnet in Steven Universe

    @S0PELOGY Shocked to not see this here

    Twitter: @Cholivia_ / Via Twitter: @Cholivia_

    2. "Not One of Us" by the animals in Lion King II: Simba's Pride

    @S0PELOGY when Kovu got exiled they gave him BARS 😂

    Twitter: @itaintmefoo / Via Twitter: @itaintmefoo

    3. "Step Up" by The Cheetah Girls in The Cheetah Girls 2

    @S0PELOGY this oneeeee, rent was due when they preformed this one 😍

    Twitter: @c0existbrian / Via Twitter: @c0existbrian

    4. "Hex Girl" by The Hex Girls in Scooby Doo!

    @S0PELOGY No one talking about the hex girls? 🔮 I mean 👀👀

    Twitter: @flowerjiminee / Via Twitter: @flowerjiminee

    5. "Oh Happy Day" by Ryan Toby in Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit

    @S0PELOGY I’m disappointed in yall... I been scrolling for too long and i haven’t seen this once!

    Twitter: @ishque14 / Via Twitter: @ishque14

    6. "Catchin' Villians" by Beast Boy in Teen Titans Go

    @S0PELOGY We ain't gonna talk about this banger??

    Twitter: @OsmosisMiller / Via Twitter: @OsmosisMiller

    7. "Hoedown Throwdown" by Miley Stewart in Hannah Montana: The Movie

    Twitter: @breathinfenty / Via Twitter: @breathinfenty

    8. "Eddie's Rap" by Eddie in That's So Raven

    @S0PELOGY That’s So Raven had the best one imo 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Twitter: @MichaelMagambo / Via Twitter: @MichaelMagambo

    9. "We Can't Back Down" by Mitchie and the ensemble in Camp Rock 2

    @S0PELOGY Forever one of my favorite Camp Rock songs

    Twitter: @breathinfenty / Via Twitter: @breathinfenty

    10. "Work This Out" by the cast of High School Musical 2

    Twitter: @breathinfenty / Via Twitter: @breathinfenty

    11. The Between the Lions theme song

    @S0PELOGY my cheeks were always moving during this one

    Twitter: @sweetnspicytofu / Via Twitter: @sweetnspicytofu

    12. "Busted" by Candance and Vanessa in Phineas and Ferb

    Twitter: @eudstass / Via Twitter: @eudstass

    13. "Strangers Like Me" by Phil Collins in Tarzan

    @S0PELOGY Phil Collins lost his damn top with this one

    Twitter: @lango_white / Via Twitter: @lango_white

    14. The H2O theme song

    Twitter: @slurperslegion / Via Twitter: @slurperslegion

    15. "The Naked Mole Rap" by Ron and Rufus in Kim Possible

    @S0PELOGY Didn’t see this posted

    Twitter: @BigBrickBino / Via Twitter: @BigBrickBino

    16. "I Won't Say I'm in Love" by Megara in Hercules

    @S0PELOGY naurrrrrr because megara and the muses did what had to be done

    Twitter: @tomisinnnnn / Via Twitter: @tomisinnnnn

    17. "My Shiny Teeth and Me" by Chip Skylark in The Fairly OddParents

    Twitter: @Ingaa_876 / Via Twitter: @Ingaa_876

    18. "Sweet Victory" by SpongeBob in SpongeBob SquarePants

    Twitter: @OsmosisMiller / Via Twitter: @OsmosisMiller

    19. "What Dreams Are Made Of" by Lizzie in The Lizzie McGuire Movie

    @S0PELOGY We not about to leave this one out

    Twitter: @etgyami / Via Twitter: @etgyami

    What song do you think belongs on the list? Let us know in the comments.