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    People Are Just Discovering Barack Obama's LinkedIn Profile, And They Feel Like He's Not Selling Himself Well

    "I don't see anything after 2017. Can you explain that gap in your résumé?"

    You know Barack Obama — an author, lecturer, husband to Michelle Obama, oh, and he was the President of the United States.

    Closeup of Barack Obama

    Well, one Twitter user recently shared a screenshot of Obama's LinkedIn account, and people are shocked that one of the most recognizable employees in the world feels the need to have a profile.

    Twitter: @SlebowSays

    Featured on his digital résumé, Obama flexes his educational accomplishments...

    Obama's Education from his LinkedIn profile

    ...his famed summer reading list...

    Obama's reading lists

    ...and most interestingly, his work experience.

    Obama's work experience

    And people can't help but make jokes about how casual the whole thing is. / Via Twitter: @VERGILROTH

    Many others pointed out how the former president doesn't have a single work experience listed after his last term ended, and suggested that wouldn't bode well in this economy. "I don't see anything after 2017," one person jokingly commented. "Can you explain that gap in your résumé?"

    Twitter: @kimberlycaritas

    "Seems like he's been out of work awhile," another person added. "Hope he's able to find something."

    Twitter: @_DMR

    Meanwhile, others feigned concern over Obama's ability to find a top-ranking position with only eight years of major experience. "Many director roles require 10+ [years] nowadays," this person joked.

    "Only 8 years of experience? Most Director roles require 10+ nowadays"

    And more quipped about how short his job descriptions are. Like, give us SOMETHING. "I don't think the description is detailed enough," a commenter said. "Doesn't give a feel for his day to day responsibilities."

    "doesn't give a feel for his day to day responsibilities"

    "I think some metrics and more keywords will really make this profile stand out," another agreed. / Via Twitter: @ztpxlomx23

    The 62-year-old didn't even share if he was proficient in Excel — a résumé must-have.

    "But is he excel certified?"

    Regardless of his accolades, curious minds wondered if his account receives spam messages from recruiters like the rest of us.

    "Do you think recruiters message him"

    And if they're only offering the standard entry-level position suggestions we get. / Via Twitter: @MathFrustration

    What do you think could be added to spice up the former president's résumé? Let us know in the comments.