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    Yes! That's Dr. Nico Kim In Doja Cat's "Kiss Me More" Video, And Here's Everything You Need To Know About Him

    From surgeon to intergalactic explorer.

    Earlier today, Doja Cat and SZA excited fans with a new and creative music video for their song "Kiss Me More."

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    The video is set on another planet and is filled with stunning, intergalactic visuals:

    Though Doja and SZA obviously look amazing, and proved to be the perfect duo for a much-needed summer bop, the undeniable breakout star of the video is Alex Landi, who plays an astronaut exploring the celestial singers' home planet before he's inevitably captured.

    Now he's a top contender to become the internet's next boyfriend. But, before you hand over the title, let me have the honor of telling you a bit about our joint, future bae:

    alex landi as the love interest in the kiss me more m/v. with his fine-ass, doja cat doesn’t miss the mark. AT. ALL!

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    1. Alex Landi is best known for playing the heartthrob and orthopedic attending Dr. Nico Kim on Grey's Anatomy, where he serves as the first openly gay male surgeon the show has ever had.

    2. He is also the first male doctor of Asian descent to play one of the show's lead characters, following the pioneering steps of Sandra Oh, aka Cristina Yang, who kicked off Grey's as its only Asian lead.

    3. “Asians are represented, I think, by less than 3 percent in entertainment, LGBTQ being less than 1 percent, so for them to combine both of those categories into one role is super special," Landi told Beats 1 on Apple Music when discussing his role on Grey's. “I want to take these two categories and make everyone look strong. I want to get rid of that stereotype and give them a different look on the LGBTQ community. I just hope I’m making everyone proud.”

    4. Though playing Dr. Kim is his most popular role, Landi also has a recurring role as Henry Lee on Netflix's Insatiable...

    5. ...and he appears as Bret in the CW's reboot of the 1990s series Walker, Texas Ranger, now called Walker.

    6. Landi is half Korean and half Italian. (And fully fiiiiiiine.)

    7. If you're wondering about his talents, Landi's expertise doesn't stop at acting. He's incredibly skilled in martial arts and weapons — a form of combat he learned through intense, months-long training while in China.

    8. He has an adorable pup named Ninja!

    9. With the rise of the #StopAsianHate movement, Landi has become an outspoken member of the community and, through his onscreen portrayals, he hopes to "eliminate all prior stereotypes" associated with people of Asian descent.

    10. During an interview with Asian Out Loud, the actor shared that his biggest goal in life is to one day become Marvel's first Asian superhero, Shang-Chi, who is a master at Kung Fu.

    11. And now he's a video vixen — and we love it!