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27 Clever Gift Wrapping Tricks For Lazy People

Create the ~illusion~ of craftiness with some of these simple gift-wrapping tips and tricks.

Christmas is fast approaching, and you haven't wrapped the giant pile of presents sitting around for your friends and family yet. Let us try and help you get it done quickly and painlessly.

1. To efficiently wrap gifts, get off of the carpet and onto a hard surface.

2. Use double-stick tape to speed up your process.

3. No tape? Follow this video tutorial to wrap a gift without any tape (just one tiny sticker, or some really tight ribbon work).

View this video on YouTube

Like gift-wrapping origami.

4. Or you could use fabric (aka an old shirt).

5. Or a scarf.

6. You can also repurpose old, itchy sweaters.

Ill-fitting sweaters be gone!

7. Wrap a small gift in a yarn ball.

8. If your gift is an odd shape, decorate a paper bag as giftwrap.

9. Use newspaper as wrapping paper.

10. Reuse paper bags from the grocery store.

11. Or just use plain brown paper bags or parcel paper.

12. Use a DIY stamp roller to create easy wrapping designs.

13. Print out word searches or puzzles on computer paper and wrap gifts up in those.

14. Turn boring, plain paper into cute animal gifts.

15. Or make pretty cut-outs to deter the eye from the plain paper.

16. "Make your own wrapping" by drawing ribbons and a bow on a plain gift box.

17. No boxes? Make them!

Follow these steps to transform your cereal boxes into gift boxes.

18. Don't have gift tags? Use a playing card.

19. Or Instagram photos.

20. Or print some out.

21. Or if you have enough paper, designate a color/pattern for each person so that gift tags aren't necessary.

22. Tie ribbon around plain, unwrapped boxes for a simple look that still feels elegant.

23. And make a bow that will totally steal all of the recipient's attention.

24. No ribbon? Use paper tape to create the illusion of well tied ribbon.

25. Or twine.

26. Magazine ribbon and gift bows work too.

27. Store your paper rolls in a garment bag and hang it in the closet for easy access.