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    A 13-Step Guide To Killing A Bug On Your Own

    Because sometimes you're alone and screaming "MOOOOOOM" just won't work. The pressure is on.

    So there's a bug in your room and no one is around. It's all you, baby.

    1. First, freak the eff out. It's okay, you're human.

    2. Then look frantically for a shoe or something hard to hit it with.

    3. Next, stare your nemesis in the eyes.

    4. Shake it out, lift the shoe, and get in touch with your deepest rage.

    5. Okay, deep breath. This is it.

    6. Begin hesitant first attempt.

    7. Regain confidence and try again.

    8. Find your inner beast, and GO.

    9. YOU'VE DONE IT!

    10. Now to get it off the surface you smashed it on.

    11. You'll be fine, you've made it this far.

    12. Success! Now RUN IT TO THE BATHROOM!

    13. Finally, wish that nasty little thing a great trip down the pipes.

    Congratulations friend, you've completed your training.