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    15 Peruvian Foods You Have To Try

    So much more than ceviche.

    1. Papa a la Huancaina


    Delicious baked potato swimming in creamy ají chili sauce.

    2. Lomo Saltado

    Meat, onions, tomatoes and ají chilli cooked in a wok with fried potatoes and rice. Heaveeeeeen!

    3. Choritos a la chalaca


    Cho-ri-tos. Easy... steamed mussels, covered with a vegetable medley and the original peruvian corn. Amazingness!

    4. Rocoto relleno


    Rocoto pepper: spicy, juicy and steamy! Stuffed with meat and melting cheese...

    Do I really need to say more?

    5. Causa Rellena


    Potato layers with tuna, chicken, mayo, veggies, avocado and eggs.

    6. Anticuchos

    Meat on a stick cooked with glorious sauce in the grill. Gotta cover them in Huancaina sauce!

    7. Arroz con mariscos

    Seafood. Rice. Seafood. Rice. (Mouth watering yet?)

    8. Pollo a la Brasa


    100% Peruvian! Rotisserie Chicken with crunchy, mouth-watering fresh-cut french fries.

    9. Chifa

    Not just one dish, but lots of them! Cantonese-Peruvian fusion.

    10. Picarones

    A donut. Fried. With tons of delicious syrup. OH YES!

    11. Turron de Doña Pepa

    Sweet layers of sticky syrup covering anise-flavored sticks filled with rainbow candy on the top.

    12. Suspiro Limeño

    Silky caramel base topped with sweet meringue. Sweet heaven!

    13. Pachamanca

    Cooked in a hole in the earth, best known as "Pacha Mama" (Mother Earth).

    14. Chicha Morada

    Purple corn drink. Sooooo good!

    15. Inca Kola

    Nothing is complete without the golden Peruvian drink. Bubbly and sparkly yellow sunlight of epic-ness!