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    13 Wondrous Waterfalls You'll Want To See Before You Die

    Forget what TLC told you and go chase these waterfalls.

    mppriv / Via Thinkstock

    1. Iguazu Falls — Brazil/Argentina

    Angela Sevin / Flickr: angela7

    Located between Argentina and Brazil, the Iguazu Falls are nearly 300 feet tall and more than 1.5 miles wide. If you want to see the whole area, you can tour the "Devil's Throat" via helicopter.

    2. Niagara Falls — New York/Ontario, Canada

    Diana Robinson / Flickr: dianasch

    Located between New York and Ontario, Niagara Falls is famous for being a place where dangerous stunts have been attempted by daredevils all over the world. More than 750,000 gallons of water flow through the falls each second. Niagara has become a very touristy area where you can visit museums, see a light show, and go on boat rides.

    3. Plitvice Falls — Croatia

    Sergiu Bacioiu / Flickr: sergiu_bacioiu

    Plitvice Lakes National Park is the perfect place to go kayaking, canoeing, hiking, and rafting. In addition to watching the falls cascade along the rocks, you can walk around the park and see all kinds of fauna and animals like bears, wolves, wild boars, and several types of birds.

    4. Victoria Waterfalls — Zimbabwe/Zambia

    Carine06 / Via Flickr: 43555660@N00

    These falls are among the biggest in the world. Victoria Falls are 1.25 miles wide and over 350 feet tall. These falls are also located between two countries, Zimbabwe and Zambia. The best time to visit these falls is in February or March, when you can pleasantly walk along the trails and stop at different locations.

    5. Yosemite Falls — Yosemite, California

    Steve Dunleavy / Flickr: stevedunleavy

    Yosemite Falls are the fifth-highest waterfalls in the world. They are made up of three separate falls that together make a 2,425-foot drop. Yosemite Falls are also very popular for their lunar rainbows, also known as moonbows. The Yosemite National Park also made it easier for everyone to see the waterfall by installing cameras that provide an online feed.

    6. Nohkalikai Falls — India

    Pankaj Kaushal / Flickr: pankaj

    The Nohkalikai Falls are named after a woman named Likai, who jumped off the edge after she found out that her husband killed her daughter. "No" in Khasi means to jump, and "ka" is the prefix for the female gender, so the translation of the name is "Ka Likai's leap" (or "jump"). The water falls from a height of 1,100 feet, and the pond at the the bottom turns green in the summer and dark blue during the winter.

    7. Angel Falls — Venezuela

    ENT108 / Flickr: ent108

    Angel Falls are known to be the highest uninterrupted waterfall in the world with a height of 3,200 feet. The falls are part of the Canaima National Park, which is known for its tepui rock formations.

    8. Jog Falls — Karnataka, India

    Darshan Simha / Flickr: darshansphotos

    Jog falls are made up of four different cascades: Raja, Rani, Rover, and Rocket. The water plunges from a height of 830 feet. The Jog Falls are known for the unique way in which water thunders down rather than streaming down the rocks in a tiered way.

    9. Gullfoss (Golden Falls) — Iceland

    Krister / Flickr: krister462

    The Gulfoss falls are often called Golden Falls because of the color they take on a sunny day. The water falls into a 105-foot-deep crevice, and it looks magnificent both in the summer and winter.

    10. Sutherland Falls — New Zealand

    The Sutherland Falls are one of the highest falls in the world with a drop of 1,904 feet. All the water that falls comes from Lake Quill, which is nestled in Fiordland National Park.

    11. Kaieteur Falls — Guyana

    Allan Hopkins / Flickr: hoppy1951

    The Potaro River is famous for creating the Kaieteur Falls, which cascade 822 feet into a lake below. It's said that travelers leaving and arriving at the international airport can sometimes see the waterfall from the air.

    12. Palouse Falls — Starbuck, Washington

    The Palouse Falls State Park has trails that allow visitors to overlook the waterfalls. The water plunges down a 198-foot cliff. Other activities around the park include birdwatching and picnicking.

    13. Tugela Falls — South Africa

    The Tugela Falls are also one of the highest waterfalls in the world. They have a drop of 3,110 feet. In the winter the waterfall turns into pillars of ice, considered to be a rare sighting.

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