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24 Outrageous Superstitions Only Mexicans Will Understand

They're only true if you believe in them. Right?

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3. Don't drop the tortilla or you'll have the in-laws pay you an unpleasant visit.


It's said that if you drop a tortilla you will get a lot of unwanted and unexpected company. Superstition aside, you should never drop a tortilla. It's good food going to waste.

4. Don't ever go to the river at night or the Llorona will get you.

"Ayyyy, mis hijo!" La Llorona comes from an urban legend about a woman who drowned her children and now her spirit hunts for others. True or not, it's scary as hell.


5. If you smile at a baby you better touch it or you'll make the baby sick.

"El mal de ojo," roughly translates to evil of the eye. So, don't look at cute babies otherwise they'll get high fevers. The whole situation is just illogical, but if you want the baby to be protected then you have to put some charmed jewelry on them or form some sort of egg concoction.

8. If you're a pregnant woman and there's an eclipse, best have a safety pin near your belly.

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If they go outside without a safety pin on the abdomen the woman risks having her child born with a cleft palate.


9. If you cut a baby's fingernails before their first birthday, the child will have impaired eyesight.

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To what degree? No one knows.

10. Go outside with your luggage on New Year's and you'll basically travel the world.

As soon as that clock strikes 12 o'clock you better get your bags and go outside. If you do, you guarantee yourself a year with lots of traveling.

11. Don't let anyone sweep your feet or you'll forever be single.

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If you're single you will never get married. If you are married, well, your marriage is about to be destroyed.

12. If your ear is buzzing, oooh, somebody is talking smack about you.

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Supposedly if you bite your tongue it will make them stop talking shit. It might also hurt depending on how strong your bite is.


15. If you scratch your itchy palm, money won't come your way.

If you want the money to come your way, place a coin on your palm until the itchiness goes away.

16. Never have a pair of scissors pointing in your direction or at others, it will lead you down a road of disaster.


Accidentally leaving them open can also lead to disaster. Then again, scissors are generally a dangerous item — superstitious or not.


19. When dogs howl it usually means a death is near.

But what about Huskies? They always howl.


21. If you step with your left foot first when you get out of bed, you'll have a very unlucky day.

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No one has time to think about what foot they will place on the floor first each morning.

22. If you misbehave the Cucuy will come after you at night.

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This was always used by parents so children would behave properly. If you didn't, the Cucuy would come out of your closet or from under your bed and pull your feet.

23. Don't have the foot of your bed point toward the door or you'll welcome in death.

Apparently it's a symbol of death since it is based on the saying, "Los muertos salen siempre de la casa con los pies por delante," which translates to the dead always come out of the house feet first.

24. Don't point at a rainbow or you'll get a pimple on your nose.