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24 Everyday Words You Didn't Know Were Spanglish

Como, like, this list is bueno.

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7. Hevy = Heavy


In English: It's so heavy! What do carry in here, bricks?

In Spanish: ¡Esta bien pesado! ¿Qué es lo que cargas aquí, ladrillos?

In Spanglish: Esta bien hevy, eh. ¿Que tienes aquí, ladrillos?

8. El shopping = The Mall

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In English: Let's go to the mall and get some new clothes.

In Spanish: Vamos al centro comercial para comprar ropa nueva.

In Spanglish: Vamonos al shopping para agarrar ropa nueva.


11. El Ticket = A Citation Or An Actual Ticket

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In English: They gave me a ticket for parking there.

In Spanish: Me multaron por estacionarme allí.

In Spanglish: Ay, me dieron un ticket por parquearme allí.


19. Te Llamo Para Atrás = Call You Back

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In English: I'll give you a callback when I get it.

In Spanish: Te regresaré la llamada cuando lo tenga.

In Spanglish: Te llamo para atras cuando lo tenga.