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    13 Haunted Cemeteries That Every Ghost Story Lover Should Visit

    These are some tales from beyond the crypt.

    1. St. Louis Cemetery — New Orleans

    St. Louis is famous for its tours, which take you directly to the tomb of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau. It is said that her spirit haunts the graveyard and that she continues to help those who dare knock on her tomb.

    2. Greyfriars Kirkyard — Edinburgh, Scotland

    If you've never witnessed a poltergeist and you want to then you need to go see Greyfriars' poltergeist of Sir George Mackenzie. According to visitors and tour guides, the poltergeist is capable of physically attacking people. There are tours which take people to the site where the poltergeist resides.

    3. Stull Cemetery (The Gates to Hell) — Douglas County, Kansas

    Stull Cemetery is also called The Gates of Hell because it's believed to be one of the many entrances to the netherworld. It is also believed that the whole graveyard is filled with evil forces, especially near the church.

    4. Highgate Cemetery — North London, England

    This cemetery is not only known for having the tombstones of Charles Dickens and Karl Marx, but it's also famous for being haunted by the Highgate Vampire. According to urban legend, the Highgate Vampire is a 7-foot-tall phantom that has attacked people since 1960.

    5. Western Burial Ground — Baltimore

    Not only is this the place where Edgar Allan Poe is buried, but this is also the place where the Skull of Cambridge is buried. It's believed that the skull once belonged to a minister who was murdered. His skull was placed in a segment of cement to stop the screams that were apparently coming out of the tomb. According to visitors, the screams are still audible and they apparently linger in their heads for some time.

    6. La Recoleta — Buenos Aires

    La Recolecta is known to be haunted by a young girl, Rufina Cambaceres. Rufina was buried alive after she was mistakenly pronounced dead. Once her body was found trying to escape her tomb, her father redesigned her tomb to resemble his daughter trying to escape it. It's now believed that Rufina haunts the place and goes around digging up other graves in order to make sure that no one is buried alive.

    7. Howard Street Cemetery — Salem, Massachusetts

    It is believed by locals that Howard Street Cemetery is haunted by the ghost of Giles Corey. He was a farmer who was accused of being a warlock during the Salem witch trials. It's said that Corey's ghost is seen around town before or after something tragic happens.

    8. Valley of the Kings — Luxor, Egypt

    The Valley of the Kings is believed to be haunted by multiple pharaohs, including King Tut. It's said that when excavators open a new tomb they release the spirit of whoever was in it. Paranormal sightings that have been reported by watch guards include the ghost of Akhenaten and a pharaoh on a chariot being pulled by black horses.

    9. Resurrection Cemetery — Justice, Illinois

    Resurrection Cemetery is claimed to be home of the famous ghost Resurrection Mary or Bloody Marry, depending on who you ask. According to locals, Mary's ghost is a young girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, wearing a white dress. She's been seen hitchhiking near the cemetery. Other say that she's been spotted dancing around the cemetery.

    10. Cemetery Hill — Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

    Gettysburg is known to be one of the most haunted places after the battle of Gettysburg in 1863. Visitors have claimed to experience phantom smells and apparitions of ghosts warning people to leave.

    11. Boot Hill —Tombstone, Arizona

    According to Terry Ike Clanton, this cemetery is haunted by a ghost who's wielding a knife. Clanton was trying to take a black and white picture at the cemetery, and when he developed his pictures he realized there was a mysterious man behind him. He said that no one was behind him at the time the photo was taken.

    12. Glasnevin Cemetery — Dublin

    Among the many ghosts that haunt Glasnevin Cemetery, there is the ghost of a dog who's often seen visiting the tomb of his old master. The dog starved to death after refusing to leave the tomb of Captain John McNeill Boyd.

    13. Bachelor's Grove Cemetery — Bremen, Illinois

    Bachelor's Grove Cemetery is famous for the apparition of a transparent woman sitting on a tombstone. She has been named The Madonna of Bachelor's Grove. There's been actual pictures taken of the woman sitting on the tomb as she stares of into the distance.