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    25 Fetishes You Probably Never Knew Existed

    These will make you say, "WTF?!"

    1. Agalmatophilia: The paraphilia in which a person gets aroused by dolls, statues, and mannequins.

    2. Alvinophilia: Specific sexual interest in stomachs or navels.

    3. Autagonistophilia: A paraphilia in which a person enjoys exposing oneself in a live show.

    4. Autassassinophilia: Deriving sexual pleasure from the risk of getting killed.

    5. Dacryphilia: When you're sexually aroused by tears.

    6. Dendrophilia: Sexual attraction to trees.

    7. Diaper Fetishism: Sexual desire to wear diapers.

    8. Formicophilia: Getting sexually aroused by having insects crawl on your genitals.

    9. Forniphilia: The sexual interest of making humans act like furniture for long periods of time.

    10. Gerontophilia: The sexual attraction to elderly people.

    11. Hematolagnia: The sexual fantasy of pretending to be a vampire.

    12. Hypoxyphilia: Asphyxiating someone to get sexually aroused.

    13. Kleptolagnia: Being sexually aroused by theft.

    14. Mechanophilia: Sexual attraction to machines, bikes, cars, trains, and airplanes.

    15. Melolagnia: Sexual arousal from hearing music.

    16. Metrophilia: Getting off to poetry.

    17. Nasophilia: Sexual attraction to noses.

    18. Necrophilia: Sexual attraction to corpses.

    19. Oculolinctus: AKA worming, this is the fetish of licking eyeballs.

    20. Plushophilia: A fetish involving plush animals.

    21. Pyrophilia: Sexual attraction to fire.

    22. Salirophilia: A fetish involving ingesting someone's sweat or saliva.

    23. Sexual cannibalism: Eating human flesh to feel sexually aroused.

    24. Sophophilia: Deriving sexual pleasure from learning.

    25. Symphorophilia: Watching or staging tragic accidents in order to feel horny.