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    36 Extreme Outdoor Activities To Try Before You Die

    Because you only live once.

    Andriy Bandurenko / Via Thinkstock

    Rock climber at sunset

    1. Volcano Boarding

    Garrett Ziegler / Via Flickr: garrettziegler

    It's only the hottest activity ever! Race down an active volcano and get the thrill of a lifetime.

    2. Canyon Swinglining

    Mark Hills / Via Flickr: hillsieboy

    Some might think it's completely insane, but swinging down a canyon is a great way to have safe extreme fun.

    3. Tree Camping

    Jason Jones / Via Flickr: jjay69

    Camping on the ground is too mainstream, so if you want to upgrade your camping game, try doing it up in the trees.

    4. Cliff-Face Camping

    Greg Epperson / Via Thinkstock

    If camping up in trees is still not thrilling enough, you might want to consider cliff-face camping.

    5. Coasteering

    Andrew / Via Flickr: arg_flickr

    Experience the exhilarating sport of coasteering as you hike, swim, and dive.

    6. Bungee Jumping

    Nicolas Baltenneck / Via Flickr: nicolas-baltenneck

    If you want to know what free falling feels like then bungee jumping is right for you.

    7. Mountaineering

    Gerry Kollmuss / Via Flickr: 59373321@N00

    Mountaineering is just like coasteering, minus the water. Go on an extreme hike and discover all the hidden nooks and crannies in the mountains.

    8. Hang Gliding

    Vicki & Chuck Rogers / Via Flickr: two-wrongs

    If you want to experience what it's like to be a bird then you must go hang gliding. You'll be able to soar free through the sky and let go of all your worries.

    9. Storm Chasing

    Ben / Via Flickr: seabirdnz

    Whether you watched Twister or you just like danger, storm chasing is meant for those brave souls who like to live on the edge and appreciate every aspect of nature.

    10. Parascending

    Mark Cartwright / Via Flickr: markcartwright

    You must go parascending if you'd love to feel the cool breeze pass you by as you sit in the air while a boat takes you cruising in the ocean.

    11. Paramotoring

    texaus1 / Via Flickr: texaus1

    Take your paragliding to the next level by attaching a motor to your back and take control of your flight.

    12. Dogsledding

    Travel Manitoba / Via Flickr: travelmanitoba

    Race through the snowy slopes and experience what it's like to be in a dogsled race.

    13. Hot Air Ballooning

    Matthew Paulson / Via Flickr: matthewpaulson

    Hot air balloons are perfect for those who'd like to travel across the sky, sip on champagne, and see the beautiful earth from meters up in the sky.

    14. Base Jumping

    enshahdi / Via Flickr: shahdi

    Be the most extreme person out there and try base jumping. Grab a parachute, jump off tall buildings, and release all your inhibitions.

    15. Skydiving

    Alan / Via Flickr: kaptainkobold

    Skydiving is a three-in-one experience. You get to fly on a jet plane, jump off the plane, then parachute your way down to land. It's the perfect experience for anyone who just wants to let go.

    16. Bridge Climbing

    E01 / Via Flickr: e01

    You've probably driven on a bridge, but have you climbed one? Well now you can!

    17. Zip-Lining

    Samuel Landete / Via Flickr: secretnevertobetold

    Reach speeds of 50 mph while gliding on a rope that is suspended 600 feet in the air. You'll have the best time of your life.

    18. Skiing

    fiction300 / Via Flickr: fiction300

    If you want to experience the cold rush of racing down the valleys of snow, skiing is the perfect extreme outdoor activity for you.

    19. Snowboarding

    Robert van Dijk / Via Flickr: kwinkslag

    If you think you have no coordination between your arms and legs, ditch the skis and try some snowboarding.

    20. Surfing

    Nathan Rupert / Via Flickr: nathaninsandiego

    Ride the waves and feel defiant against the power of the ocean.

    21. White-Water Rafting

    iheartpandas / Via Flickr: iheartpandas

    Experience the dangerous and exhilarating ups and downs of white-water rafting. You'll like this more than a roller coaster.

    22. Mountain Biking

    Anthony DeLorenzo / Via Flickr: delorenzo

    Mountain biking is not for the faint of heart, but it's definitely one of the most accessible extreme activities out there.

    23. Wing Walking

    Marc Evans / Via Flickr: sugarmonster

    You'll feel like you're walking on air — hence the name. Get on top of an airplane wing and fly. You'll be feeling like the king of the world.

    24. Cliff Jumping

    Eef De Boeck / Via Flickr: 124484848@N02

    If you're tired of just diving into your pool, then you need to go cliff jumping. It's the extreme version of using a diving board.

    25. Hovercrafting

    Dibaday / Via Flickr: dibaday

    This is something from the future. Feel like you're defying gravity when you go hovercrafting.

    26. Bouldering

    Kiliii Fish / Via Flickr: kiliii

    If you're a fan of indoor rock climbing, your next step is to try bouldering out in the open air.

    27. Windsurfing

    Susanne Nilsson / Via Flickr: infomastern

    Windsurfing is perfect for anyone who loves the sea. It's the sport you want to play if you love to sail and surf.

    28. Waterskiing

    lisadonoghue / Via Flickr: lisadonoghue

    If the snowy plains aren't for you, try taking your skiing over to the waves.

    29. Sand Yachting

    Claire / Via Flickr: iloveryde

    If you're scared of sailing in the ocean, sand yachting is the perfect alternative.

    30. Kite Surfing

    Anne Roberts / Via Flickr: pondspider

    Surfing is cool, but kite surfing is even better. Combine your surfing with some aerodynamics and impress all those spectators on shore.

    31. Kite Boarding

    Fred Dawson / Via Flickr: fwp-dawson

    If kite surfing doesn't appeal to you, you might want to try it on land with a skateboard. Same sport, different setting.

    32. Mountain Boarding

    Ben Arent / Via Flickr: benarent

    Ditch the bike and grab your skateboard. Mountain boarding is bound to give you a more extreme experience up in the mountains.

    33. Zorbing

    Russ Ensley / Via Thinkstock

    Imagine how cool it'd be to just get inside a huge bubble and have someone roll you down a hill. It sounds like so much fun! It's like being in a huge hamster ball for humans.

    34. Caving

    http://J.J. / Via Flickr: samurai_cat

    If you don't think being on top of the mountain is for you, consider going deep inside them. When you go caving, you'll run into wonders you never thought you'd see in your life.

    35. Glacier Hiking

    Jacynthroode / Via Thinkstock

    Take your hiking to the cold and icy trails of the glaciers — but make sure to cover up or you'll freeze.

    36. Extreme Ironing

    Jade Berman / Via Flickr: divedivajade

    Last, but definitely not least, extreme ironing: because ironing at home can be a bit boring. Iron while you go hang gliding or surfing, but just make sure to make it extreme.