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    21 Struggles Anyone Who Worked At A College Newspaper Will Understand

    Chances are you had a pillow and a bag with extra clothes in your office.

    1. Going to city council meetings was the worst because you had to deal with all the local reporters who never took you seriously.

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    2. And because you were part of a school newspaper hardly anyone gave you an interview.

    3. You got angry when other students treated the newspaper like a mere extracurricular activity when it meant everything to you.

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    4. Your sleep cycle was completely ruined because you stayed up past 3 a.m. every night putting together the layout.


    Your eyes were super tired so you had to read everything like 10 times.

    5. Then you had to wake up a few hours later to go to your 9 a.m. class.

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    Everyone knew not to mess with you.

    6. You hardly had any time to eat a proper meal so pizza, junk food, and coffee was all you consumed.

    This chart does not fully address the problem/wonder of press box food. MT @JournalistsLike Journalist food pyramid.


    This chart does not fully address the problem/wonder of press box food. MT @JournalistsLike Journalist food pyramid.

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    7. When new staff members were hired each semester everyone feared they weren't as good as the students who graduated.

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    It was like speed dating at times.

    8. You constantly had to think of creative ways to cover the same events like homecoming and graduation.

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    9. You would silently rage every time someone dared to admit that they didn't read the school newspaper.

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    You probably lost so many friendships over this.

    10. Your relationship with the student government was always shaky because of controversial stories you printed.

    11. And your heart would sink every time you got a phone call from the administration because of those controversial stories.

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    12. You lost all interest in your journalism classes because you already had hands-on experience from the newspaper.

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    I don't have time for your assignment, sorry, but I actually have a real story to write.

    13. You would have to choose between skipping class or getting a juicy interview.

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    Or sometimes just to take a nap in your car.

    14. You were best buds with your coworkers outside the office, but as soon as you stepped into the office you were competing for stories.

    15. Your worst enemy was the university's PR team who would always deny your interview requests.

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    You wanted a last minute interview with the president of the university, ha! Good luck!

    16. Each breaking news story was a chance to make your résumé and portfolio more impressive.

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    17. Random classmates would always walk up to you and ask if you could write their English papers.

    18. You would suffer every weekend when you saw all your friends' social media updates about partying while you were stuck working on Monday's issue.

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    19. If you ever found a typo in your print story it felt like it was the end of you career and life. Even though you were still in school.

    20. And despite your struggles you always found a way to keep your chin up and believe in the power of journalism.

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    21. But the worst was graduating and having to leave the school's newsroom behind. *tear*

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